Mr Jackson led twenty-four of our Year 9 students to the STEM Big Bang Fair at the Ageas Bowl, and we have just heard that some of the students are now completion winners!

NATS (the ‘National Air Traffic Services’, who guide aeroplanes through UK air space), ran a competition where the challenge was to plug in leads to make runway lights light up, the lights only working when the leads were plugged in in the correct sequence. I am pleased to announce that Helena completed the challenge in a very fast time of 10.62s, easily beating the person in second place by nearly 10 seconds! To recognise this achievement, NATS will be presenting Helena with a £25 Amazon voucher.

COSTAIN, the construction company, ran a ‘LEGO Bridge Building challenge’. I am pleased to announce that Theo, Evan, and Freddie came 1st place in the competition rankings! Participants had to choose LEGO pieces to construct a bridge that spanned a given gap, then hold a mass upon it before the bridge collapsed. Each LEGO piece had a cost, so the cost and the mass taken determined competition placings. Our boys overall build cost was £3130 and the bridge carried a load of 33 washers, giving an excellent profit of £2170. In comparison, we beat another local secondary school who came second, and their bridge cost £2620, only carried a 25 washer load and only made £1880 profit, so we easily won! COSTAIN are very kindly going to present each of the three winners with the amazing prize of an Amazon Kindle Tablet each!

Keep watching this space for details of the presentations.

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