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Welcome to the website of Mayfield School! As one of the first all-through schools in the country, we believe that we have a unique opportunity to improve and shape the lives of the children within our community.

Our school operates as an all-through school with a single vision, set of values, staff, and Governing Body.

Our School Vision is to provide our pupils with:​

  • Outstanding academic standards, with a particular focus on acquiring a foreign language, developing competency as a musician and performer, as well as encouraging sporting prowess - all in a timely fashion;​

  • Outstanding pastoral care based on nurturing each individual's self-esteem and ambition to realize their full potential;​

  • Outstanding opportunities to develop the 6Rs (resilience, responsibility, respect, resourcefulness, ready and reflective) and ‘character’ experiences to succeed both at school and prepare them for being a well-equipped member of society and ready for the world of work.

Please use the Online Booking System to:

  • Book an appointment for a parents' evening;
  • Reserve a place in our breakfast or after-school club (primary children only).

Our school canteen is now cashless. To top up your child's account in the senior section, please go to





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