Mayfield School has three different admission points:

  • 60 places for Year R 
  • 30 additional places for Year 3 (total PAN of 90 including children moving up from Year 2)

  • 200 for entry into Year 7. However, 110 places only will be available for external pupils to apply to. 90 places will be taken by pupils already on roll in year 6 at Mayfield automatically transferring through to Year 7. If fewer than 90 pupils transfer then the additional places will be offered to external students.

Once a pupils has been allocated a place at Mayfield, progression through the different sections of the school is automatic and parents do not need to apply again.  

All of our admissions, including applications for mid-term admissions, are handled by the Admissions Team at Portsmouth City Council who can be contacted via this link:

Portsmouth City Council School Admissions

We are running Admissions Tours throughout the Autumn Term for parents and their children who are interested in joining Mayfield School in Year R or 3 from September 2023.  Please email [email protected] to book your place on one of these tours.

Our Admissions Policy can be found via through this link:

Mayfield School Admissions Policy

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