Careers Information, Advice and Guidance at Mayfield


For any more additional information please contact Careers Leader here at [email protected] 


"Believe. Achieve. Succeed."


Our aim is to ensure that all pupils here at Mayfield leave Year 11 with the knowledge and skills to allow them to continue with Education and Training in their preferred areas of interest, talent or aspiration.

We have a stable Careers programme which is supported by a programme of impartial ‘Careers Information, Advice and Guidance’ which is delivered by EBP South. The careers programme starts in Year 7 and runs through to the time when results have been published and final decisions have been made; in some cases, extra support is available throughout the Summer break at the end of year 11, for those still unsure of which direction to take.

Pupils develop action plans and are helped with anything from college and apprenticeship applications, Armed Force's aspirations and much more.  Some pupils are offered extended work placements and/or college courses when this is deemed appropriate.

Local colleges and businesses come in to deliver assemblies to Year 11 and also whole school assemblies. We are in the process of forging a collaborative relationship with BAE and AIRBUS both are large local employers. The University of Portsmouth continues to offer us support each year with a diverse range of events for all year groups. We also work with the Southern University Network (SUN) to provide a range of career-focused activities with Year 9 -11.

Year 9 pupils have a workshop in order to help them make informed choices about which options they should choose. Further Year 9 pupils experience a ‘Speed Networking’ session where they get to interact with a variety of local employers. Year 10 pupils have a Careers related day and then after experience a 1-2-1 mock interview where we are given valuable feedback.

Our curriculum allows pupils to use many work-related skills in lesson times; for example, group work, presenting skills, problem-solving, leadership and managing deadlines. There are also specific careers related topics built in the PSHE and CPR curriculum. We also offer a dedicated week each term to careers within our pastoral system giving pupils the chance to talk with their tutor about different career paths and destinations and seek further advice.

Our Enterprise Advisor is Anna Smith. She is a successful recruitment business owner who is passionate about helping the pupils at our school to learn invaluable life skills which will serve them well in the new developing workplace of the future.  

Get In Touch With Mayfield

At Mayfield, we do a lot of collaboration with local businesses to help pupils with an understanding of their local labour market and workplace skills. If you are a local business and would be interested in supporting our pupils in any way, from a virtual platform to in-person in school activities. Please contact the careers lead on the email above. 

Further, if you are an Alumni of Mayfield and would like to also reach out to us about where you are now please do get in contact (email above). 



Mayfield School Statement on Provider Access



During your time at Mayfield School, you will progress through a varied scheme of classroom work, events, visits and activities to ensure that you are prepared and ready for the working world. The steps you take now will set you up for future success, so make the most of everything on offer to you!

We seek to raise the aspirations of young people of all abilities by providing them with a high quality, personalised learning experience designed to help each individual achieve their potential.


Pupils (Careers)



Students in Years 7-13 are entitled:

  1. To find out about technical education qualifications and apprenticeships opportunities, as part of a careers programme which provides information on the full range of education and training options available at each transition point.
  2. To hear from a range of local providers about the opportunities they offer, including technical education and apprenticeships – through options evenings, assemblies and group discussions and taster events.
  3. To understand how to make applications for the full range of academic and technical courses.

Where face to face is not possible due to Covid 19 – virtual/online alternatives will be offered.


Helpful Information



Careers World Magazine

Mayfield School is keen to develop meaningful relationships with education providers, employers and businesses to ensure our students gain the qualities, skills and qualifications required to fulfil their ambition and aspirations.

As a staff, your role is to continue to provide dynamic and inspirational opportunities to bring career learning both inside and outside of the classroom. 



We seek to raise the aspirations of young people of all abilities by providing them with a high quality, personalised learning experience designed to help each individual achieve their potential.


Helpful Guides


Young people today are living in a rapidly changing world and so preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities out there is a vital aspect of their education. Mayfield School is committed to developing and arming each individual student with the most up to date research and knowledge as they progress through the different key stages.

A key element to aiding a students development is instilling the valuable ideals of responsibility and independence to forge their own paths forward. Working in partnership with parents, the Careers Department guides and supports students in an enthusiastic and professional relationship throughout their time at Mayfield School.


How can you help?

  • Talk about careers regularly at home – the different jobs you may have had, how you decided on your current career path and what you have learned from all of your combined experiences.
  • Share your CV and help them in producing their own. Going through the motions of detailing their skills, experiences and qualifications on paper can really help students to see their current development clearly.
  • Work with your child to look at various routes in careers discussing the pros and cons of each industry. 




We are so lucky to have the backing of so many willing and enthusiastic employers, keen to get involved with our school calendar of activities every year. Sharing career experiences and providing opportunities to develop employability skills is invaluable to a young person’s progression and we cannot thank our existing partners enough.

Do you work in a business that could help provide work experience or opportunities for our students?

We are always looking for local businesses that are wanting to inspire and educate our students about the world of work and expand and develop our careers programme. If you think you could help us with practise interviews, talks/presentations to students, provide invaluable work experience or any other opportunities that give students the chance to develop core skills and motivation, please contact our Careers Lead – Mrs B. Denford at [email protected] 


Career Website Links


Law & Government

Click here to visit the Rayden Solicitors page of becoming a family lawyer.

Click here to visit the University of Law website page for law-based apprenticeships.



Click here to visit the GO Construct Website.

Click here to visit the Career Pilot's website.

Click here to visit the 'This is Engineering' website for more info on Engineering Careers.

Click here to visit the 'Tomorrow's Engineers' website for more info on Engineering Careers.

Click here to visit the 'Engineering UK' website.




Careers at Sea

Click here to visit the British Marine Careers Website.

Click here to visit the Careers at Sea website for more info.

Click here to visit the Maritime Uk website.

Click here to visit the British Marine's Career page.




Armed Forces & Public Services

Click here to visit the National Careers website and for more information on the Firefighter Careers.

Click here to visit the UCAS website for more information on education for the Armed Services.



Health & Science

Click here to visit the 'STEM' website for info into Science Careers.

Click here to visit the Health Careers website for more information on NHS Careers.



Click here for information on studying BTEC Sport with Pompey in the Community.

Click here for information on apprenticeships in support of teaching & learning in PE & school sport.

Click here for information on joining the Steve Claridge Football Academy at Salisbury FC.




Click here for information on becoming a construction manager.



Click here for more information about UniExplorer.

Click here for careers in investment banking.


Find out how to become an apprentice, what apprenticeships are available, which employers offer them and information about starting your apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is a real job where you learn, gain experience and get paid. You're an employee with a contract of employment and holiday leave. 


What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are an exciting option - you get hands-on training and also the chance to put your skills into practice.


The interview process

If your application is successful, the employer will invite you for an interview. If you’re upskilling with your current employer, you may not have one.


Alternatives to apprenticeships

There are other career alternatives to apprenticeships that may be more suitable, such as T levels and traineeships.




Click here to visit the UK Government Website on applying for apprenticeships.

Click here to visit the Get In Go Far Official Apprenticeship website.

Click here to view Highbury College’s Live Apprenticeship Vacancies.

Click here for more information about Lockheed & Martin Apprenticeships.

Click here to visit the Amazing Apprenticeships website for information on Apprenticeship opportunities.

Click here to visit the 'PETA' website for apprenticeships in Engineering, Business, IT & Digital Skills.

Links from PETA for information:

Local Market Information

Please try our 'Career-O-Meter' below to research current Career statistics.

Type in a Career below to find out more:

Local Market Information

Career Programmes

Evaluation of Careers Programme

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At Mayfield, we pride ourselves on our achievements in enterprise and in the opportunities provided.

Successes include our ‘Fiver Challenge’ for year four. In this annual event Year 4 create businesses and sell their products/services to the public, based on a £5 investment per business. In 2019, Year 4 made a profit of £111.43 of which the students decided which charities the profits would go to. We also had the 2018 Faith and Football Champions whom won a trip to INDIA as part of their success and our 2019 teams will compete for the Final at Mercedes Benz World to pitch their business.

Enterprise is growing at Mayfield, don’t miss out!


When researching the parents/guardians of students that have taken part in Enterprise they said the following:

Would you recommend Enterprise at Mayfield to a friend? Average score of 9 out of 10


How satisfied are you with your child’s experience in Enterprise at Mayfield? Average score of 9 out of 10


What has been the main benefit Enterprise has had on your child?


“Sydney had a great experience. Everyone involved, teachers, students etc were brilliant. This would be a great experience for future students.”


“Because of Lilly’s involvement in Enterprise, she has grown in confidence. Having the opportunity to experience the wider world of business. She has also become more resilient and determined in all she does. She really grew because of the people she met and friendships made.”








A fantastic afternoon of selling took place on Friday by our Enterprise students competing in this year's PeterJones Tycoon including raising money for their chosen charities. Customers were very impressed including comments of "Wow, this should be in waitrose. Well done to our teams!

We have lots of information, advice and guidance in the section below. We are always welcome to any feedback from any careers and enterprise events so please do contact us on the emails listed below:

Careers Advisor: Mrs Kelly Chinorwadza in Room 122a (Wednesday and Thursday)

Email: [email protected]

Or Mrs Denford in Room 140

Email: [email protected] or call 02392693432.

Enterprise Co-ordinator: Mr Bachelor in Room 138

Email: [email protected]

Each half term we will be running a tutor time drop-in session for careers. You will need to attend during your break session.

This will give you the chance to look over your CV, application or ask any questions or book a 1-2-1 meeting with Kelly.

An excellent visit for our year 10 Business students today from @Kurtgeiger's CEO - Neil Clifford. The students enjoyed the session and managed to win over £1000 of vouchers for those that put themselves forwards.

Our 'Made In Portsmouth' Enterprise winners are selling their brilliant @chillys bottles today with all profits going to @pompeyinthecommunity and @wateraid.

The Benefits of Taking a Gap Year: Life-Changing Experiences

A gap year acts as a time-out—traditionally taken in between or after studies—to recharge and prepare for your next steps in life. For young Americans, taking a gap year is rapidly gaining popularity; Some schools even encourage their students to make time for self-development. One of the ways to do this is by taking a gap year. Several testimonies have demonstrated the advantages of taking a gap year, both individually and professionally. If you’re still undecided, let us convince you why you should spend a year abroad.

Top 10 Benefits of Taking a Gap Year: Time Well Spent

Exploring new countries is an especially rewarding way of spending your time off and has a lot of benefits: getting to know a different culture or learning a new language broadens your mind and endows you with valuable skills for your professional life.


Taking some time off to replenish your energy and to find new motivation has a positive impact on your academic performance. Although ‘gappers’ postpone their education during the year, they’re more than able to continue their studies afterwards and be at the same level as their peers one year later. In many cases, students who have taken some time off perform better academically than their peers who went straight to college.


Choosing the right career path and achieving academic success can be quite overwhelming, especially if you’re fresh out of high school. A gap year allows you to acquire skills without the pressure of grades or deadlines—potentially preventing exhaustion or even burnout.


Experiences gained during a gap year can significantly spruce up your resumé. Linguistic ability, understanding different cultures, adaptability, independence, and good self-management are all benefits that help you to set yourself apart from other candidates. An internship abroad is a great asset in most career paths and volunteer work is held in great esteem in many businesses.


By travelling abroad, you get to immerse yourself in new cultures and see the world from a different point of view. Learning about cultural differences and adapting to the country’s traditions or cultural rules is a great skill.


Many students are under a lot of pressure to make potentially life-changing decisions. If you’re not yet sure what you want to do with your life, volunteer work or an internship abroad can help you to find your passion or develop your skills. Even if you decide to do something completely different, your time off during your gap year can help you realize many things about yourself that you may not have discovered otherwise.


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Stonemasonry careers: 

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