One of the strategies we teach all of our pupils for successful learning and revision is retrieval practice. This is essentially practising retrieving information you have already been taught from your long term memory. 

There are two really easy and simple ways to do this - quiz yourself (or get someone to quiz you) or write down/draw everything you know about a topic on a blank piece of paper. 

When using either technique it is essential to check whether your retrieval was correct or not - it is no good remembering something if you have remembered the wrong thing! There are so many websites for GCSE subjects (some with very questionable accuracy of information) that it can be a minefield choosing the best source of correct information to check your answers. This is where having a good revision guide can come in handy.

As a school we have read dozens of revision guides and have selected what we consider to be the best ones for each subject. These are now available to order through Scopay for all year 9,10 and 11 pupils. 

Not only are these revision guides of the highest quality but you are also getting the correct book required for the specific GCSE and exam board your child will be sitting. They are also available at a much cheaper rate then you would pay elsewhere (in some cases as much as 50% cheaper!)

To order revision guides for your child please log on to your Scopay account and navigate to the revision guides section. We will then order the revision guides and as soon as they arrive in school your child can pick them up from the general office. If you have any issues with ordering the guides then please contact Mr Backhouse in our general office (

In the meantime, if you have any specific questions regarding revision then please keep an eye out for our 'Successful revison' evening later in the year, visit the Learning Scientists website for more information about retrieval practice (and five other highly successful techniques) or contact Mr Ryan Gibson , our Assistant Headteacher in charge of learning and revision (