29 May 2019

Career and Apprenticeship Fair

On Wednesday 15th of May, a group of Year 10 pupils visited Portsmouth Football Club for the Careers and Apprenticeship Fair. This consisted of an initial workshop that looked into your own individual attributes and skills helping them to identify which sectors they could match with for a future career direction. Pupils then visited the exhibition room, which had various employers for apprenticeships. There was a wide variety of career paths and choices and the pupils were able to interact and ask questions about different career paths.

There was a real buzz around the exhibition room with all of our pupils discussing their aspirations and interacting with the employers. This trip has inspired pupils to go on, research more about career paths, and achieve their ambitions.

Below are some statements from some pupils:

“I think the Apprenticeship Fair was really helpful in finding my career path. The employers were really informative and welcoming. It also really helped that before we went in we assessed our own skills.” – Maddie Headland

“The experience of the going to Portsmouth Football Club for the Apprenticeship Fair was good. I was sure what route I wanted to go down, the employers gave us many options to consider. There was a good range of companies there including NATS, Royal Navy, Army, Skills for Care, Border Force and many more. I signed up for a few of the companies and I cannot wait for the future. My views have widened and have a better understanding of different Careers.” – Ieva Maseviciute

“I genuinely enjoyed today and it benefited me in potentially getting a call from a company that interested me. It allowed me to find out more information than I would have found out on the internet, as I was able to interact on a personal level.” – Lawrence Cooper


If anyone went along in the evening and would like to give any feedback, please email denfordr@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk with any details.


Thank you, Mrs Denford.

Senior, Careers