20 Sep 2018

Year 11

This week has seen year 11s sit their first set of mock exams this year and we have been so impressed with their attitude throughout. It is brilliant to see the mature attitude they have shown throughout and bodes well for their final exams in May/June next year.

Can we draw your attention to some key events for all year 11 parents this year (events marked with a * may be available to parents of other year groups should numbers allow):


Year 11 Parents Evening  - 11th October 2018 (4-7pm)

GCSE Success Evening* - 14th October 2018 (6-7pm)

Successful Revision Evening* - 13th February 2019 (6-7pm)

Year 11 Parents Evening* - 21st March 2019 (4-7pm)

GCSE Parent Support Drop-in* - 1st May 2019 (6-7pm)


Details of these events, including how to sign up, will be communicated nearer the time.

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding your child's well being or progress then please don't hesitate to contact their subject teachers or Head of House.


Throughout the year each year group will sit formal assessments in the main hall. In order to help pupils of all ages prepare effectively for these assessments we will be giving pupils seminars (during tutor time) outlining successful revision techniques (based on the work of the Learning Scientists, a group of cognitive psychological scientists ):


Year 7 - Spaced Practice (11th October 2018), Retrieval Practice (10th January 2019), Recap (2nd May 2019)

Year 8 - Spaced Practice (18th October 2018), Retrieval Practice (17th January 2019), Recap (23rd May 2019)

Year 9 - Retrieval Practice (29th November 2018), Spaced Practice and Interleaving (28th February 2019), Recap (6th June 2019)

Year 10 - Retrieval Practice (29th November 2018, Spaced Practice and Interleaving (24th January 2019), Recap (13th June 2019)


Year 11 will continue to receive revision seminars (along with career and further education advice) in their weekly assemblies (held every Monday).

If you would like more information on the techniques themselves then please visit our revision homepage (https://mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk/senior/revision) or the Learning Scientists page itself (http://www.learningscientists.org/).

We will also be holding a parent workshop on successful revision on 13th February 2019 (6pm-7pm) - details of how to sign up for this will be communicated nearer the time.