10 Sep 2018

Following on from our year 11 assembly on revision today we wanted to remind everyone of two of the best proven methods of revising. If you want to do some more reading on the material then two presentations from the Learning Scientists are attached.

1.       Spaced practice – whatever time you devote to your revision make sure you space it out (ie 1 hour of revision for 10 days is better than 10 hours of revision on one day)

2.       Retrieval practice – whenever you revise you should be practicing retrieving it from your memory – this should be difficult if you do it right (if it’s too easy it won’t improve your memory). Whatever method you choose don’t forget to check the correct answer afterwards. Some good ways of doing this:

a.       Take a blank piece of paper and write down everything you know about a topic. When you finish check your notes/revision guide and see what you missed. Do it again and again until you remember all of it!

b.       Use flashcards to quiz yourself – you should have a question on one side and the answer on the other (you can then quiz yourself or get someone else to do it with you). These can be flashcards you have been given/brought or can be flashcards you have made ([Quizlet.com]Quizlet.com is a great resource for this).

c.       Ask someone else to quiz you on a topic. This doesn’t have to be someone who knows the topic – you can give them your notes/revision guide and they can use this to come up with questions.

Remember, if you start revising now you will be making your revision next year for the final exams a lot easier. Practice some new techniques and see what works for you!