A big well done to all of our pupil judges for the Portsmouth Book Awards 2017.  The winning author was Stewart Foster for his novel, ‘The Bubble Boy’.  The pupils attended the award ceremony at Action Stations in the Historic Dockyard where they were able to meet the winning author. 
Whilst judging the novels, Mayfield pupils gave constructive and thoughtful feedback that clearly showed their passion for reading.  At the ceremony they were not only supportive of one another but also of the other schools attending. They represented the school very well and the pupils have said it had been an amazing day and want to take part next year. 
Mayfield’s nominated reader of the year, Emilia Loake, was runner up in the Portsmouth Reader Of The Year and was winner of the Artist Competition.
A massive well done to our pupil judges!

  • Emily Martin
  • Owen Lashley
  • Liam Rogers
  • Madison Webb
  • Maddison Headland
  • Lia Breeze-Jones
  • Coral Ormston
  • Tiana Fray
  • Emilia Loake

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