10 Sep 2019

Year 11 Period 6

This half term some of our subjects are running targeted intervention sessions for some year 11 pupils. These sessions are run by our staff on a voluntary basis and are not run by all subjects - they may focus on a number of different areas, such as strengthening understanding in particular topics or working on extending answers. They are not revision or catch up sessions - these remain the pupils' responsibilities.


Timetables for these sessions went home with pupils on Monday 9th September. Sessions start today (Tuesday 10th September) and will run until October half term where we will reallocate sessions. Not only will pupils who attend receive expert help towards their GCSEs, but they will also receive achievement points will also be handed out to pupils who attend. Contact home will be made for pupils who have been allocated sessions and not attended so parents are aware.


If you wish to ask any questions about period 6, or if you wish to discuss your child's allocation then please contact Mr Ryan Gibson (gibsonr@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk)



Year 7 and 8 Prep


This half term's Preparation for Learning tasks ('Prep') are now live for year 8 pupils - this half term they have Art, English, RE and Spanish. Their teachers will be talking to them about these projects and setting deadlines for each task - this should be recorded in your child's planner for you to see when tasks are due.


Please find below an overview for parents that outlines the tasks for this half term - more detail and support on the tasks can be accessed by parents and pupils by clicking on the 'Student Prep' link at the top of the Mayfield School website.  Should you have any questions regarding any of the tasks then please don't hesitate to get in contact with your child's subject teacher.


Please also remember that homework club runs until 4pm every day after school in room 151 - here they will be able to access computers and gain help with their homework.


Year 7 Prep will be launched with both parents and pupils after the year 7 assembly next Monday (16th September).