12 Feb 2019

NSPCC Number Day Extravaganza 2019

A massive Well Done to Mayfield students for raising £798.00 for this year’s NSPCC Number Day Extravaganza. It truly was a whole school event. We had so much going on celebrating numbers and raising money for NSPCC. Here’s a little of the fun that was had.


Little Sunbeams Pre School

Some of our Year 7 students went down to work with our pre-school pupils learning all about numbers. They played the ‘Straws and Pom Poms’ game and the ‘Missing Numbers’ game. These games help our younger learners to recognise numbers and number patterns in counting and make it a fun activity.


Primary School Section

Lots of fun was had in the Primary School for NSPCC Number Day. Year R classes were visited by some of our Year 7 students. They helped them with estimating how many coins would fit into a particular shape and worked out how many actually did fit.


Pupils in Year 1 were working hard on their ‘Colour by Numbers’ task. Working out the answers to the questions and then matching the colours to form a picture.




Whilst Year 2,3 and 4 went head to head in the sponsored Number Bonds Challenge or the sponsored Times Tables Challenge. Years 2 & 3 also had fun with Pentominoes.




Our Year 4s had a great time working with some of our Year 11s. Some of our top mathematicians in Year 4 came up to the Senior School to learn about Algebra and worked on an investigation based on handshakes at a party. Our Year 11 leaders were astounded at their resilience when talking through how to work out a problem that was really tough and some of the great ideas they came up with. The rest of the year group were doing fabulously well working on Number Puzzles with some help from our Year 11s. Well done Year 4s. A great effort all round.


Senior School Section

In a bid to expand our money raising in the Senior Section we ran a ‘Replace Your Blazer Day’ where pupils were able to wear a top with a number on it and pay £1 on the gate.  This is an area we hope to expand further in the coming years.

During Resilience Years 7 & 8 took the Resilience 1 Minute Challenge to see who could estimate 1 minute without being able to see a clock. We had a winner from every resilience class. Whilst in lessons Maths sets were working on the 2019 Challenge. Can you make the numbers from 1- 30 just using the digits 2, 0, 1 and 9 and the operations + - x ÷? We had some excellent work from our Year 7 & 8 sets. Well Done guys it was a tough task.




Number Day Marketplace

The Drama Studio was a hive of activity enjoyed by both Primary and Secondary pupils. We had 5 stalls; all with a number related theme.




On our ‘Treasure Hunt’ stall, you had to guess which square Captain Hillier of HMS Jaffa Cake had buried her treasure. Guess it well and win the prize. Fun was had on our ‘Times Table Challenge’ grid. How many challenges could you complete in a minute?

Our ‘Play Your Cards Right’ Stall was a winner with the staff reliving their youth no doubt! May thanks to the fabulous Cards board made my Mr. Dyer which made it all the more authentic. 

Guessing the number of sweets in a jar was a popular choice too, can you estimate how many sweets would fill the sizable jar and you could win the lot.

Finally, there was the cake stall with number themed cakes, always a winner and the most popular stall by far! Many thanks to our staff and student bakers for their efforts, they were clearly well received as we had run out of cake before the end of break time!

Our Primary and Secondary prize winners were super pleased with their prizes.




Our thanks go out to our sponsors for the #NSPCC Visit: Sue Askew from #Morrisons. Gemma Morrison from #Tesco @Gemmainfratton and to Danielle Dean from #Asda for their generous donations and gifts that enabled this to be a truly wonderful event.