On Tuesday, we held our first ‘IGNITE Conference’ for our seventy-eight most able students from Years 7, 8 , 9 and 10. These students had a bespoke timetable for the day, starting before the School Day, with breakfast in the Main Hall.

After Miss Hillier had introduced the day to the IGNITErs, Mr Jackson then led us through a few fun team-bonding games (how high can you make the top of your own balloon tower??). Following this, and by working in House groups, our IGNITErs then received four presentations, presented by Mr Jackson, Mr Currier, Mrs Clearly and Mr Tite, based upon the themes of the valuable skills of:

  1. Building ideas
  2. Memory techniques
  3. Problem solving
  4. Extracting Information

Each session was delivered without the bias of an underlying subject – this enabled every student to see the value of these four skills, so are now able to employ them in lessons, to plan homework, to help revision, to help parents plan their Saturday shopping trip, to many other aspects of their current and future daily lives.

As a culmination to the day, Mr Royle then led a two-hour session entitled ‘The Challenge’ – he challenged the students to plan and then give a six minute long presentation, in their House groups, that explains how the ‘new’ Mayfield School should look / be designed / incorporate / be eco-friendly, etc., using the skills students had learnt and/or enhanced previously through the day. The presentations were excellent, and everyone received a certificate for their efforts.

Mrs Clearly, Mr Royle, and Mr Jackson also presented certificates for those who had demonstrated excellent skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, or teamwork participation across the day.

Very well done IGNITErs J