• As part of our partnership with the University of Southampton ‘Learn with U.S.’ scheme, Mr Jackson and Miss Eveleigh escorted twenty-four Year 7 students to the main University of Southampton campus site. The group was composed of a mixture of Year 7 IGNITErs and ‘nearly IGNITErs’.
  • As part of the scheme, this was our Year 7 students’ turn to be driven to Southampton in a coach (paid for by the University), and then be met and looked after by University Ambassadors, who were both undergraduates and postgraduate students. After an introductory presentation, the Ambassadors ten led the students on a tour around the campus, summarising the tour with various games that helped the students consolidate the information they had learned.
  • These are a few of the write-ups from students who participated:

Today we went to the University of Southampton. There were lots of different buildings around the campus site. It gave me a different view on uni and whether I would like to go. It is very different to senior school. I would like to go when I can. There are lots of courses that you can chose to study and clubs to go to. It seems a very friendly environment. I think that managing money will be the hardest as unless you find a way to gain money, it is very hard to manage.” Katie, E1.

Today at Southampton University we had a tour of the campus and all the different buildings they use to work and study in. We also learnt all about the different courses you can take when you go there. There were 250 different course you could take! We learnt all about the different clubs you can join while you had free time and weren’t studying. The thing I enjoyed the most was the campus tour as it was very interesting to see what the university was like and to see how it was set up. Overall I thought that the trip was very good.” Olivia, E3.

Today I went to the University of Southampton and had a great time I learnt a lot on the trip and it has persuaded me to go to university in the future. I am now thinking about what I want to do because I learnt a lot about the university. The Ambassadors helped me today and I learnt a lot about the university.” Isaac, D7.

  • Our students were impeccably behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the trip, learning a lot of information about not only university courses, but also the day-to-day life and buildings and departments that students encounter whilst studying at university.

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