Students should take pride in their uniform and look smart at all times, including walking to and from school. Shirts must be tucked in and ties properly in place. Parents who accept a place at Mayfield School agree that their children will follow the school uniform requirements.  Pupils must also wear a Mayfield house badge on the left lapel of their blazer.

Compulsory items which MUST be purchased from school supplier

  • Black blazer with school logo
  • Mayfield clip on tie (different design for Year 11 and Prefects)
  • PE Kit: Long / short sleeve quartered polo with logo (name initialling available from supplier)
  • PE Kit: Royal and sky blue socks

Compulsory items available from the high street

  • White short / long sleeve shirt
  • Black, loose fitting, tailored school trousers
  • Black "polishable" shoes with a low heel
  • Black socks
  • Black or natural tights for girls
  • PE Kit: Sports trainers
  • PE Kit: Royal blue shorts or navy / black tracksuit bottoms

Optional items which MUST be purchased from school supplier

  • Black V-neck jumper with school logo
  • Black cardigan with school logo
  • Black plain school skirt with School Logo
  • PE Kit: For pupils choosing option courses personalised t-shirts are available

For Outdoor Lessons: Pupils can purchase and wear a Mayfield PE jacket over their PE top. Additional Blue/black under layers may also be worn in cold conditions.