Changes to Data Reporting

In order to make our collection of data clearer and most useful for pupils, parents and teachers we have changed the way we collect internal data.

  • Changes to GCSE Grades: A*-G

For GCSE subjects, we now collect traditional A*-G grades with a number to show the level of security at that particular grade.  For example C1, B2 or A3. 

Level 1 means that pupils are very likely to get the grade specified and have the potential to achieve the grade above if they continue to work hard and revise independently.  A level 2 means that pupils are secure at the grade and require little or no intervention to achieve it.  A level 3 means that pupils are not secure at the grade and will require intervention and support in order to attain it. 

The numbers will be used to allow the school to intervene and support pupils in order to achieve the best results possible.

  • Changes to GCSE Grades: 1-9

In addition, with the government changes, pupils in Years 9 and 10 have begun new style GCSEs in English and mathematics.  These qualifications are graded from 1-9, with 9 being the equivalent to above current A*, a 5 to the top end of current C and 1 equivalent to a grade G. 

At present, English and mathematics are the only qualifications are affected in Year 10, however current Year 9 will be sitting new style 1-9 GCSE exams in all subjects.

  • Current Working Level and Current Predicted Grade

For pupils sitting GCSE qualifications (Year 9 and 10) we are collecting both a Predicted Grade, which details what teachers believe students will achieve by the end of their studies in Year 11 and also a Current Working Grade which explains what level they are working at now.  We would expect these two grades to be different as students will make progress over their last three years of studies and will not necessarily be working at their predicted grade level at this time.

  • Presentation of Work, Behaviour for Learning and Homework

We collect information on the Presentation of Work (PoW), Behaviour for Learning (BfL) and Homework.  These are judged on a 1-4 scale.  For Presentation of Work, teachers are grading the overall pride and presentation of books and tasks completed in lessons.  For Behaviour for Learning the attitude and conduct of pupils in lesson are assessed.  For Homework, completion and pride in homework and Prep tasks is assessed.  Please see the rear of the report for more information on this.

For pupils who have not been set Prep tasks yet they will receive a grade of 5 to indicate that this information is not available.

Target Setting and GCSE Expectations

Pupil targets are set based on their overall performance in their Key Stage SAT tests held in primary school.  A holistic level, combining assessment in English and maths is used to benchmark their attainment on entry, from this GCSE (Year 11) expectations set in line with Department for Education forecasts for pupils based on national data.

In Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8) targets are set two sub-levels higher than Year 6 attainment, with the exception of Modern Foreign Languages and PE which are set based on baseline assessments of pupil ability carried out in September of Year 7.  For all other subjects, pupils are expected to make a minimum of two sub-levels progress from their entry point each year.  

Targets are illustrated on the table below:

Key Stage 2

Entry Point

Year 7 Target Year 8 Target

Year 9


Year 10


GCSE Expectation

All other Years

(Grades 1-9)

GCSE Expectation

Year 11 (Legacy A*-C)


2b 3c 3a 1 1 2 F  
3b 4c 4a 1 2 3 E  
4b 5c 5a 3 4 5 C NATIONAL AVERAGE
5b 6c 6a 4 5 6 B  
6b 7c 7a 5 6 8 A  

In addition, students have personalised GCSE Expectations in English and maths that are derrived from their performance in these individual subjects at Key Stage 2.  These are set to ensure the appropriate level of challenge is in place for pupils with especially strong, or weaker, literacy and numeracy skills.

If you have any questions or comments about school data, targets or expectations, please contact Andy Tite, Assistant Headteacher.