Year 11 Mayfield Content

  • Biology:
  • Chemistry:
  • Physics:

Year 10 Mayfield Content

  • Biology: Unit B1 - Cell biology & Unit B2 -Organisation,
  • Chemistry: Unit C1 - Atomic structure & Unit C2 Bonding,
  • Physics: Unit P1 – Energy & Unit P2 – Electricity.

Year 9 Mayfield Content

  • Unit B1 – Cell biology
  • Unit C1 – Atomic structure and the periodic table
  • Unit P1 - Energy

There will also be questions on scientific investigations, graphs, analysis and how science works.

Year 8 Mayfield Content

  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Ecosystems and Processes
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Energy
  • How Science Works – Scientific Investigations, graphing and analysis

Year 7 Mayfield Content

  • Cells
  • Particles and their behaviour
  • Forces
  • How Science Works – Scientific Investigations, graphing and analysis

Useful links

Exam board specification – This covers everything that potentially will come up in your exams.

My-GCSEscience – Loads of revision videos, exam questions, answers, blogs and mindmap sheets. (£4.95 subscription via the science team, although some resources are free.)

BBC bitesize – The classic revision website from the BBC now updated for the new specification.

Snap revise – Tonnes of revision videos and resources to download (does require a FREE signup)

Educake – use your personal login and password to access hundreds of exam-style questions

After school revision

Science surgery is on every Friday in room 36 and we are here to answer questions, provide resources, and practise your skills in the run-up to the exam!