Homework and Preparation for learning

Homework at Mayfield is set for all year groups in Seniors.

Key Stage Four

Homework is set in all core and option subjects. Many of these homework tasks involve the creation of revision resources, exam questions or revision. They often focus on developing independent learning techniques (REVISION).

Students are required to record all homework tasks in their school planner.

The frequency with which homework is set at Key stage four can be accessed on the below link

Key Stage Three

Homework for Year 7 and 8 students is called Preparation for Learning.

What is Preparation for Learning?

Preparation for Learning or 'Prep' allows year 7 and 8 students to develop their independent learning and extended writing skills. Whilst Maths and MFL homework will be set every lesson to embed the skills learnt in school, all other subjects will set in-depth projects allowing students to develop key skills and a love of the subject. For PE this will involve joining an extracurricular club

How much work should my child receive?

Each half term students will have three or four projects on top of the regular maths tasks and PE clubs.

To support students to plan their time, every subject has divided the projects into manageable tasks which should take half an hour a week. Some students may wish to spend longer depending on their engagement in the task. In total every student should spend two hours a week on Prep projects

What support will my child receive?

All tasks are available in detail on the school Sharepoint. Students can access this through the Mayfield school webpage using their usual school email login and password. Students have received training on this in ICT lessons.

On the Sharepoint, students can access support materials and useful internet links. Some of the tasks also have support sheets and differentiated materials for different ability students. Guidance on this will be given by the subject teachers.

The school library also hold a selection of books to support each of the projects.

Should your child not have internet access at home, we can provide paper copies of the tasks and support material.

How can I support my child?

The most important support will be to have regular discussions at home about the projects and how they are going. Information for parents about each half terms tasks can be accessed via the below links

Please remind students that projects should be handwritten unless stated by a teacher in the task. This is to develop students’ literacy and subject-specific vocabulary and spelling.

If you have a concern about your child’s progress, please make a note in their planner to communicate with the tutor.

How will pupils receive feedback?

Projects will be read within two weeks of the deadline, and feedback will be given to students in the lesson. All students will also be given a homework grade when data is posted home. These grades will be represented on a number scale from 1-5:

  1. All of the set tasks have been completed to exceptional quality.
  2. The majority of the set work has been completed to a good standard.
  3. Some parts of the set work are incomplete, missing or of poor quality.
  4. Work has not been handed in.
  5. Work has not yet been set in this subject.

Homework Policy