Homework and Preparation for learning


Key Stage Four

Homework is set in all core and option subjects. Many of these homework tasks involve the creation of revision resources, exam questions or revision. They often focus on developing independent learning techniques.

Students are required to record all homework tasks in their school planner.

The frequency with which homework is set at Key Stage Four can be accessed on the below.

Preparation for learning - Years 7 and 8

What is Prep? 

Prep is short for ‘Preparation for learning’ – this is the name we give to extended independent learning projects at Mayfield school. We call it Prep to show that it is a vital part of a child’s learning and is vital in them making progress. 

How often is Prep set? 

English, Maths, Science and IL (International Languages) Prep is set every lesson – all other subjects set Prep projects according to the rota below.

What sort of tasks will my child be given to do? 

Each subject will set tasks that will support your child’s learning for that subject. This could include (but is not limited to) the following kinds of tasks: 

  • Creating pieces of work that show what they already understand on a topic; 

  • Creating pieces of work that show what they have recently been taught; 

  • Reading about a topic that will be covered in later lessons; 

  • Practising using knowledge taught in previous lessons; 

  • Quizzes that test their knowledge on a previous topic; 

  • Extended writing tasks that develop your child’s ability to write for longer periods of time. 

Where will my child find the prep tasks? 

Your child will have each prep task explained to them by their subject teacher. We don’t normally print out the tasks for pupils - when they are at home they can remind themselves of the tasks by going to the school webpage and clicking on the ‘Student Prep’ link. Should you require printed versions of each of the prep tasks then please contact Mr Tite(Assistant Headteacher). 

Year 7 Prep

Year 8 Prep

How long should my child spend on their Prep? 

Your child should spend 30 minutes per subject per week on their Prep. Although they can spend longer than this on their tasks, it is important that pupils come to school refreshed and rested, as well as have time for other activities, so please do help them to manage their time.  

To help with this your child will have written a study plan in tutor time, which you can find in their planner. 

Who will my child hand in their Prep to? 

All Prep projects should be handed in directly to their subject teacher.  

When do they hand their Prep in? 

Prep deadlines will be different for each class and will be set by the class teacher. Pupils will be asked to record deadlines when the project is set.

My child needs help with their Prep – what can they do? 

There are a number of things your child can do if they need help with their Prep: 

  • Speak to their class teacher; 

  • Use the help and guidance documents (in the same location as the tasks); 

  • Go to homework club (every day between 3pm and 4pm in room 151) where an adult will help them with their Prep; 

  • Look in the school library for books that might help them with the task. 

What will happen if my child doesn’t do their Prep? 

We recognise that at first your child may find it hard to organise their Prep. In the first instance that your child doesn’t complete their Prep we give them a second chance to make amends and to bring it in to their teacher. 

If your child gets into the regular habit of not completing Prep to a reasonable standard we try to identify the reasons for this and work with them and you to ensure that they begin completing it on time and to a standard we know they are capable of. 

Homework Policy