Welcome to Mayfield Schools Exam Page.

Exams are organised in the school by the Examinations Manager, Mrs Patis and any questions or queries should be directed to her. Contact patis@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk

We hope that the following information will inform and help you in supporting your child in the exam process.

If you have any queries about revision for exams then please refer to this page here.

When are exams held?

External Exams are organised by the Examinations Boards in the summer series in May and June. Controlled Assessment take place throughout the school year. Internal school exams will be fitted in the timetable around the external exams, in the main this will be during the summer series.

Below are the master timetables for external exams that could be held by the school. Your child should be informed by their class teacher if they are due to sit any exams. The school will also send home a timetable for your child.

Exam TimeTables

Exam Rules

All exams, both internal and external exams are run in accordance to the rules and regulations laid down by the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications), pupils should ensure that they are familiar with the rules.

Exam Certificates

Current Pupils

We feel that it is important to recognise the qualification achievements of pupils. Therefore the school retains Certificates until a suitable presentation can be arranged).

Lost Certificates

If you need confirmation of your results as you have lost your certificates you will need to contact the exam boards direct. This could take a number of weeks.

Click Here for details of how to contact the exam boards.

Exam Download