7 Jul 2017

In May this year a specially selected group of Year 10 pupils were chosen to attend an Oracy Workshop led by Talk the Talk instructors.
The idea behind the workshop was to help pupils develop better communication skills which will set them up for life.
The skills developed in the workshop will not only useful in English presentations but in answering questions in all subjects and in life outside school and throughout life.
Pupils participated in various activities developing voice, stance and posture to enable them to confidently do a two-minute talk on a topic of their choosing to their peer group. Something that is not an easy thing to do.
It was felt that the mostly quiet and shy students were engaged all day and made some very good progress with some excellent speeches. Moreover, the students seemed to recognise that personal achievement. – Mark Farmer, Schools Liaison Director, Talk the Talk.
Overall, most pupils felt that they had improved their Oracy skills and that it would benefit them in many aspects of their life. All involved in the running of the day were very proud of how the pupils stepped up to the challenge and succeeded. It was a fun day learning new life long skills and we look forward to continuing that development over the coming years.

Year 10