25 May 2017
  • Mrs Ruth Thompsett, a Stakeholder and Community Relations Manager, based at Woolston, and employed by 4DWoolston and COSTAIN, made the long journey from Basingstoke today to present three of our Year 9 students with the prize they won at the recent Big Bang STEM Event.
  • As previously reported, Freddie, Evan, and Theo won the ‘4DWoolston/COSTAIN Lego Bridge Building Challenge’. The challenge the boys won involved three tasks:
  1. Design a bridge using a range of materials, but each material used having a ‘cost’
  2. Build their bridge
  3. Test their design by placing masses upon the centre of the bridge, testing it until destruction.
  • Not only did the boys create a cheaper design, but their bridge also held the greatest mass before it collapsed! As winners, the three boys were each today presented with the amazing prize of an Amazon Kindle Tablet, this presented by Mrs Thompsett.
  • After a photo-presentation in the sunshine with Theo, Freddie, Evan and Ms Hillier, Mrs Thompsett then had a tour of our school, discussing potential careers and education pathways with our winners.
  • Mayfield is very grateful to 4D Woolston and COSTAIN for their very generous prizes, and to Mrs Thompsett for giving up part of her busy work schedule to come in to Mayfield and present the prizes to the boys.

Year 9, STEM