29 Mar 2017

On Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of March six Mayfield Students arrived at School at 8am ready for a completely different kind of weekend.

Below some of the students share some information about the event:

Izzie S (Year 11):

“Peace Jam is a conference which takes place over a weekend. It is a chance to help promote peace and spread awareness of the challenges people around the world face. At Peace Jam a Nobel Peace Prize winner gives a speech about their lives and views on society and also answer any questions. This year Leymah Gbowee spoke to us about her experiences in Liberia.

Peace Jam is an amazing experience where you learn a lot about yourself, other people and how to help within the community and world.” 

Lucy B (Year 11)

“Leymah was born in 1976 in Liberia, but due to the rebel uprising which led to a civil war, she was forced to flee. Along with her mother and sisters she fled to a refugee camp. However, in 1991 she returned to her home and to help those who suffered the most during the civil war. She eventually realised the importance for women to have a voice and led the women in peacebuilding Networks and called for the end of the war. Her organisation brought thousands of Christians and Muslims women together to wear white and demand peace. She helped to achieve peace through non-violent protests and eventually won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011.” 

Rebecca T (Year 10):

“During Peace Jam Mayfield students were separated and put into groups. We aware all nervous to be split into ‘family groups’ with people we didn’t know, however by the end of the weekend we truly felt like big families.

In the sessions, we played games and activates to get to know each other. Not only did we have discussions filled with laughter, but also serious conversations, such as inspiring stories about over coming struggles. The sessions were really good for your self-esteem. 

Time in our family groups pushed us out of our comfort zone and allowed us to make new friends and create unforgettable memories.”

All the students had a fantastic time and are hoping to attend as part of a larger group next year.

Peace Jam

Miss Assinder