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eLibrary school of the month for May 2017

Congratulations Mayfield School who are the school of the month for May 2017. Also issuing strongly were St. John's Cathedral Primary School and Flying Bull Primary Academy.

Many schools are showing consistently high levels of eBook borrowing - thank you for all your hard work promoting the service to your pupils, it is obviously paying off!

Hi David and Jo

Again I just wanted to send another email to thank you for again so graciously agreeing to our use of your facilities for the Educational Psychology Service and those booked onto lego therapy training sessions 1 and 2.

The warm reception we received on entering the school, tea and coffee and IT checks were greatly appreciated and we are so very grateful to you for kindly hosting this event.

With warm wishes and grateful thanks

Vicky Parker (Educational Psychologist)

Hi Jo

Again I just wanted to send an email to you to say a big Thank you to you and the school for kindly hosting the lego therapy training held on Friday and again on 31st  March.

The venue was set out beautifully and when we experienced IT glitches the two delegates you enrolled from Mayfield as well as Matt Steadman were so very kind in requesting the necessary support from IT.

The evaluations were wonderful and in part this was down to the venue and much needed cup  of coffee/ tea and water you supplied.

I do hope you are able to extend this kind offer to our second session for this group at the same time 1pm - 3.30pm on 31st March.  Do let me know if this is not possible, we would totally understand and have lots of notice to inform the delegates of a change in venue if required.

I did flag up your generosity in hosting this training to staff several times.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

With grateful thanks


Dear Gail and David,

I thought I would let you in on a little mission Megan undertook during the Easter holiday's; on Sunday 3rd April Megan decided to have her lovely locks cut however she chose that prior to Thursday's appointment not only would she endeavour to raise money for Little Princess Trust but also donate her hair to them to enable children and young adults to have wigs made through losing their hair to cancer or other illness. In those 4 short days Megan raised in excess of £280 and as you can see completed her mission Thursday 7th.  To say we are proud is an understatement of someone who showed determination, strength and immense selflessness in doing so. We think you would like to know what an amazing student you have and would want to share.  Megan dosen't know I have emailed but am sure you would agree after Megan herself supported her dad and others members of our family go through the battle of cancer this needs to be shouted about to show Mayfield has some strong, diligent and sheer brilliant students amongst them.

Kind regards,

Mark and Nikki Jones

Thank you for being so darn great x

Brilliant support at parents evening, great world book day! You all looked smashing x

A very lucky mum looking forward to mothers day tea tomorrow x

Much easier than the previous system!

Love how easy it is to book the appointments. I much prefer to do it online rather than getting my son to make the appointments.

To Mrs Buck,
I know you properly get a lot of concerned/problem emails but I wanted to send an email to say how pleased I was after Zacks parents evening last night.
After seeing Miss Beech last night at parents evening I came away with a massive smile and feeling extremely proud of how well Zack has been doing at school in the first half term. Firstly I was pleased to see how well everything is recorded and that there was a book for Maths and a book for English. I know you and your staff are extremely busy looking after 30 children in each class but how everything was recorded and the individual time that is spent on each child it is very pleasing to see. I was enormously proud to see how his writing has improved over the half term and how he is already listening out for the sounds of the letters to use in his writing. I wasn't expecting that. I would like to thank Miss Beech and Mrs Lester on their teaching and how they have helped Zack settle in so so well at school. As I know he is my 3rd child but it is still a worry when they go off to school starting all day straight away on how they are going to be, but he loves it and its thanks to you and your wonderful staff. They are so friendly and nothing is too much. I am glad in our choice of school and can't wait to see his work again. Thank you again for all the teachers hard work it is certainly paying off, it doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you.
Mrs Laura Turnbull

Clearly you and fellow members of staff jumped straight into action to show my daughter the support she needed to feel less anxious and more secure and happy about her new begining at Mayfield. I'm very impressed with your pastoral care and more than anything so pleased that we chose your school.
Chantelle Knight

please congratulate all the staff and pupils involved with 'in to the woods' it was a superb production. Wishing you another successful production for tonight!

Epic, amazing, incredible, stunning and so well cast with talent by the bucket load.

HUGE congratulations on a superb performance, you must be so proud.

I can't wait to see it again!!

Kindest Regards,

Thereza Gale

Winners of reading awards announced at ceremony.

During my exciting day at Marwell Zoo we got to see many fascinating creatures including leopards, birds, mammals, reptiles and lots more. Whilst we walked around this mind-blowing animal infested maze we were flabbergasted at all the tremendous facts we learnt listening to Mr Jacksons interesting (but true) stories. As we watched these tremendous animals perform their crazy stunts we had to record all of the weird adaptations that they have to help live in their habitats. We also got to stroke a well-behaved rat and a skinny stick insect whilst looking at snakes. I had a bucket loads of fun on this trip and can’t wait for the next one. I’d like to thank Mr Jackson and all the other helpful staff that helped make this happen and wish Marwell Zoo lots of luck with looking after their future creatures!
By Kieron Swann, Y7

Year 11 Parent 'Thanks again I don't know what I would of done without the support of you guys.'

The following yr 11 girls have been praised by Highbury College for their continued commitment and dedication to the childcare course:

Emmie Atkinson,

Simone Proudley,

Ellie may Anders,

Tegan Corby,

Holly Fletcher.