Mr Stedman

Head of Primary

Mrs Buck

Head of Early Years

Miss Lewis

Year 3 Amazons Class Teacher and Subject Leader for Mathematics

Mrs Hall

Year 2 Class Teacher and Subject Leader for Foundation

Mrs Parsons

Year 2 English Teacher

Mrs Sheppard

Year 2 Dolphins Class Teacher and Subject Leader for English

Mrs Guy

Year 1 Octopus Class Teacher and Extra curricular coordinator

Mrs Jones

Year 3 Amazon Class Teacher

Miss Beech

Year R Seahorses Class Teacher and Pupil voice coordinator

Miss Hopkinson

Class teacher

Miss S Hatton

Class Teacher - Turtles

Miss Wall

Teaching Assistant Jellyfish Class

Miss Leggatt

Teaching Assistant Octopus Class

Miss Atkinson

Teaching Assistant Seals Class

Miss Lester

Teaching Assistant and ELSA

Miss Wheeler

Teaching Assistant Turtles Class

Mrs Beech

Teaching Assistant Turtles Class

Miss Wilcox

Teaching Assistant Amazon Class

Miss Garner

Teaching Assistant Jellyfish Class

Dr J Hallett

Class Teacher - Niles

Miss P Turner

Class Teacher - Seals

Miss C Graney

Year R TA

Mrs A Collings

Dolphins TA

Miss M Lawrence

Apprentice TA

Mrs L Moore

Class Teacher Jellyfish