12 Jul 2018

On Thursday 12th July Mr Matthew Whitfield (#7milesaminute) will be coming in to speak to Year 11 and Year 3 about their aspirations and goals. He will be encouraging our pupils to think big and aim high to be their very best versions of themselves and will be delivering a workshop on how to improve performance and reach success. He is a former Navy Harrier Pilot who has worked with many business leaders, schools, and government agencies to enable them to become their very best by challenging those he coaches to not settle for mediocrity.

Year 5 Pupil - " Thank you for giving up your time to come and talk to our class. You have taught me that you need to believe in yourself, work hard, and that anything you put your mind to you can achieve. I would like to be a swimming instructor when I’m older and I know if I work hard, I will one day be able to achieve that goal.”

From a Headteacher, Buckinghamshire - " If pupils know WHAT they want to do or be and WHY they need the things that we want to teach them, it will, in turn, raise their attainment. It is about valuing pupils’ aspirations and most importantly encouraging them to dream! And dream big! "


Director ISL, Bristol - Matt managed a really engaging and enjoyable team building exercise, which got everyone evaluating how they interacted with each other under pressure.



Coaching for excellence: Changing behaviors to maximise performance