14 December 2018

Mr David Jeapes - Headteacher

The FOM Christmas Fayre is due to take place on this afternoon (Friday) between 3.00pm and 5.00pm. All members of our community are most welcome. This is event has been organised by the “Friends of Mayfield”. If you would like to join this group, then please alert the Chair of the FOM, Mrs. Judith Firth on FirthJ@mayfield.portmsouth.sch.uk.


Please be aware that during the final week of this term, all pupils will be invited to have a traditional Christmas Dinner, served in our Main Hall. We will adjust the timings of the school day to accommodate this event. More details can be found here.


We are planning to send home your child’s progress report during the Christmas Break. If you have recently moved house or changed your contact details please alert Mrs. Steph Manns on Manns@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk


The last day of this term is Friday 21st December. Please note that school will close early to all pupils

at 1.35pm. There will be no extra-curricular activities or tea time club on this day.


To help our families plan their time, we have produced an extract of the school calendar containing all of the keys dates for Autumn 2. This can be downloaded here.


Miss Louise Hillier - Head of Senior


A busy penultimate week of the term with reward events happening for all four of the Houses. It was lovely to see some of the Senior pupils being rewarded alongside some of our Primary pupils- really strengthening our family House ethos.


Our Year 11 come back in January to a set of Mock Examinations in all of their subjects. A timetable for these exams is on our website here. It is important that your child is ready for these examinations and they should already be revising for them. There is information on our website on how to revise here and there is information from the subjects on what to revise here. For English we are only testing English Language in this set of examinations so revision for English Literature can wait until after this set of exams is over. The second Year 11 Parents Evening is on 21st March but if you have any questions or queries before that date, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s tutor who can direct you to the right person. A full list of tutors and contact details is available here.

As the cold weather sets in there are always coughs and colds going round. Your child should be in school every day unless they are really unwell. If you are unsure in the morning then please do send your child in as our medical room will be able to contact you if your child needs to go home. Mostly we find that once pupils are in school they manage to get through the day. It is always hard to catch up on work missed so it is better to come in if at all possible. Our Educational Welfare Officer, Mrs Rolfe would be happy to talk to you if you have any questions about attendance. She can be reached on rolfe@mayfield.portsmouth.ch.uk.

As we near the end of term all of Years 7 and 8 should have submitted all of their Prep projects. It is really important that your child asks their teacher to sign their planner when they hand their work in to acknowledge receipt. Please do look in your child’s planner to find these signatures to confirm that the work has been handed in.

Can I take this opportunity to remind you that when pupils return in January they need to be in full school uniform and not have any unusually coloured or cut hair.  False nails will have to be removed and all Christmas jewellery should be safely left at home- the only jewellery permitted at school is a single earring in each ear lobe- one per ear. No rings, necklaces, bracelets or other piercings should be worn and they will have to be removed if seen. Thank you for your cooperation in reminding your children of this.


Mr Matt Stedman - Head of Primary















We have had a wonderful set of festive performances this week.  Our week started with the Year 4 Rainforests Topic Outcome Assembly which included some superb singing and fascinating facts about the rainforests.  On Wednesday, it was Year R’s turn to shine in their Nativity Play.  I’m sure that you will agree that this was a fantastic performance that transported back in time to the magical events in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago.  Finally, we had an amazing Year 3 and 4 production of ‘Countdown to Christmas’ on Thursday.  The children did so well to learn all of their lines and the songs and the play was performed with tremendous energy.  Thank you to all of the parents and families who came along to these performances – we really appreciated your support!


As well as these performances in school, our Year 3 and 4 Choir also attended the Portsmouth Schools Carol Concert at Fratton Park on Monday evening, joining with children from 30 other Portsmouth Primary Schools.  Thank you to the families who brought their children along to this event.  Our Choir are performing again at Tesco Extra in Fratton on Wednesday morning between 10am and 12noon.  Please do try to come along and support the Choir if you are free that morning.


We have also had the excitement of the Friends of Mayfield Christmas Shopping event for Key Stage 1 pupils.  The children loved having the chance to go to the Christmas Shop and choose a special gift for a special person.  Thank you to the parent volunteers who spent many days and hours preparing and supervising this event. 


Next week, we also have a Performing Arts Day for Year 1 and 2 pupils on Thursday.  A group of children will be going to see the pantomime performance of Peter Pan at the New Theatre Royal while the rest of the year groups work in school on a performing arts workshop with Mrs Browne, our Subject Leader for Performing Arts.


The Booking System for Spring 1 Extra-Curricular is now open for all year groups.  The Booking System will remain open until 12 noon on Monday 17th December, so please make sure that you secure your child’s spaces in the clubs before this deadline.  Monday 17th December is also the deadline for the hand-in of the Autumn 2 Prep projects.  I’m looking forward to having a group of children from each class along for a Reward Tea to talk about their Prep over the next week.


The Booking System for Breakfast Club and Teatime Club will be changing after the Christmas holidays.  From January, places in Breakfast and Teatime Club will need to be booked through the Tucasi online payments system with the payment being made in advance.  More details about this change can be found here.


We currently have some vacancies on our Exam Invigilation team for the New Year.  This role involves supervising examinations in the senior section under the direction of Exams Officer, Helen Patis.  The hours are flexible and can be worked around family commitments.  More information and an application form this role can be found here.


Finally, we are really looking forward to joining with the Seniors in our Houses next week for our annual Christmas dinners in the Main Hall.  The running order is Intrepid House on Monday, Discovery House on Tuesday, Victory House on Wednesday, Endeavour House on Thursday and Year R on Friday.  Each day promises to be one of the highlights of our year!


Mrs I Edwards - Pre-School & Nursery















Dear parents what a fantastic Nativity performance! Your children were amazing on stage. They were able to remember their lines and dance routines, so very proud of them. I would like to thank my dedicated  team for putting on this wonderful event it was such a lovely morning.

In the final week of term we shall be having our Christmas Party and dinner in the main hall with year R, this will be an non uniform day, and i've heard we may have a special guest if he is not to busy.


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