9 Feb 2018

Mr David Jeapes - Headteacher

Over half term we will be sending out a whole school posting which will contain a letter from me and your child’s report. If you do not get this communication by Friday 16th February, please contact Mrs. Helen Patis, SIMS Manager on Patis@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk who will resend and check your contact information. The Mayfield Messenger will take a break over half term and the next issue will be sent out on Friday 23rd February.

To help our families plan their time, we have produced an extract of the school calendar containing all of the keys dates for Spring 2. This can be downloaded here.

Miss Louise Hillier - Head of Senior

This half-term has been short but very busy for all our pupils!

Year 8 have had an important last week with the football team winning in a thrilling penalty shoot out to go through to the semi-final of the Hampshire cup and the whole year group starting a series of assemblies designed to help them understand the Options process.  The Year 8 Options booklet and the forms they need to complete will be given out at the Year 8 Parents Evening on Thursday 22nd February. Appointments for the evening can be made via the school website here. This is a crucial time for Year 8.  The Parents’ Evening will give you and your child an opportunity to talk to staff about which subjects your child has the best chance of success in. The deadline for the return of the Year 8 Options Forms is Tuesday 13th March. Any questions about the process should be directed to clearya@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk

With Year 11 now on the final countdown we have three events coming up for parents of these pupils. Firstly, we have a Year 11 Parents evening on 22nd March which we would encourage you to attend to meet with subject teachers and discuss your child. Booking will open after the half-term holiday, but please put the date into your diary now. The second event is “Helping your child through their exams” on Thursday 26th April between 6pm and 7pm.  To find out further information about this event and to book a space, please visit https://goo.gl/iLfjvY. The third event is “Understanding GCSE results and next steps” on Wednesday 11th July between 6pm-7pm. Further information on this evening and the opportunity to book a space is available by visiting https://goo.gl/MTdaUg.

Year 7 have the opportunity to take part in the Year 7 STEM Trip to Marwell Zoo on Tuesday 27th March. A letter should have come home to you detailing the trip. The cost is £15.00 which pays for the coach, a small entry fee to the Zoo, plus a hands-on presentation in the Education Centre (where pupils will learn about ‘animal adaptations’, then handle some weird and wonderful creatures). There are only a few spaces left so please do return the forms as soon as possible if your child would like to go.

Both Year 7 and Year 8 will receive their Spring 2 prep projects over half-term in the posting. Copies of the tasks can be found on the website here.

I wish you all a very restful half-term. When we come back on Monday 19th February could I please ask that you make sure that your child is not wearing false nails as these are not allowed at school. In addition, we have a number of pupils who are wearing headphones around the school- these are not allowed and if they are seen they will be confiscated, just like mobile phones. Thank you for your support with these matters.

Mr Matt Stedman - Head of Primary

The Primary section pupils have been out and about this week.  Both Year R classes went to ‘Teeny Town’ at the start of the week.  Year 2 have been out on a minibus tour of the sights of Portsmouth and Year 3 have been out to Fishbourne Roman Palace today.  The other highlight of our week was the Year 3 Roman Day on Tuesday.  The Roman costumes were fantastic and everyone enjoyed the Roman activities like baking bread.

I always look forward to the Prep hand-in day and it was a pleasure to see the children’s obvious pride in the projects that they have produced for this half-term.  I had a group of Year R to a reward tea today to show me their projects about ‘people who help us’ and I have arranged two similar reward teas for the other year groups in the first week back after half-term. 

Special mention also needs to go the Amazon class in Year 3.  The whole class have managed to go a whole half-term without losing any minutes of Golden Time.  Well done Amazons!

We have Parents Evenings coming up on Tuesday 20th and Thursday 22nd February.  As we are still running Extra-Curricular on those evenings, the classrooms are not available for the early appointments and the teachers will be based in the Library until 5pm.  Please enter the building through the main Reception and there will be directions from there.  After 5.00pm, the teachers will return to the normal classrooms and KS1 parents will need to come through Infant Door by Year 1 and KS2 will come through the main entrance.

To support working families, CM Sports have organised another series of Sports and Performing Arts activity days for the half-term holidays next week.  Bookings for these days need to be made directly with CM Sports and more information can be found here.

Best wishes for a happy half-term holiday!

Mrs I Edwards - Pre-School & Nursery

Don’t forget the last day of term is this Friday the 9th February, we will be back to school on Monday 19th February. Please can I also remind you that due to the extremely cold weather could you remember to send your children into school with their hat and gloves as the children play outside at break times.

Our topic will continue when we return to school with the theme ‘Chinese New Year Celebrations’.

The children are beginning to gain an awareness and a basic understanding that people come from different cultural backgrounds with different beliefs. We shall discuss in class the different celebrations Chinese people carry out to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 

Learning Intentions linked to class topic;

  • Express and communicate their ideas;
  • Recreate simple patterns;
  • Discuss what different types of celebrations we have;
  • Construct with a purpose in mind.

Letter sound is 'S'. Could you create a collage with your children so we can discuss these at circle time on a Thursday.   Appointment sheets for parents’ evening will be available from the 26th February –please don’t forget to book your slot.

Finally, please make sure the office has your correct contact details... have a lovely half term.   

News Items

Every Thursday in Tutor time pupils take part in a general knowledge/topical quiz. Pupils are placed into mixed year group teams of 4-5 and compete against the other teams in their tutor group.

Points have been added to the overall house cup competition which now stands at:

Click here to read the latest Priority School Building Programme Update


Celebrating Women in Maths


On January 24th a few girls from Year 10 attended a trip to Hampshire Collegiate School (Embley Park) to take part in a day set up by the further mathematics support programme to celebrate women in maths. The event was aimed at girls who are considering a-level maths and further maths in the future. The day consisted of three workshops titled: ‘outbreak’, ‘bubbles’ and ‘It’s a disaster’.

The first session, ‘outbreak’, was presented by Professor Christl Donnelly who is a statistician and epidemiologist at Imperial College London. She worked on the statistical analysis of epidemics such as Ebola and SARS. Professor Donnelly discussed how maths can be used in crucial situations to predict epidemic patterns and to save lives though disease control.

The second workshop, ‘bubbles’, set out challenges to link trees, towns and bubbles. Through an exploration of a further maths module participants were guided to problem solve in groups to independently discover the connections. The workshop ended with a demonstration of how the shape of bubbles supported the maths that had been calculated.

The final workshop called ‘it’s a disaster’ set out tasks to set up response for victims of the 2010 Chilean crisis. Maths was used to calculate the amount of food, water and shelters were needed to help all the people effected and what the most effective way to get all supplies to were they needed to be was.

This event marked not only a celebration of women in maths but also a way to inspire a new generation of mathematicians and pioneers for both women and maths. It opened the eyes of many attending to the opportunities that maths can provide and showed them how to unlock those opportunities in the future.

Poland Trip 2018 - Click here for more

The Holocaust was one of the worst atrocities ever committed by humankind.  6 million Jewish people lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis and over three million other minorities also perished in concentration camps like the one at Auschwitz.  Most GCSE History students study the Nazi period in depth, so this trip will help to understand the Holocaust and put the people, places and events into context.  
We also have a responsibility to ensure that the Holocaust is never forgotten so Mayfield School are going to visit Auschwitz and other sites to help ensure we remember the lessons learnt from the past.

GCSE Option Information Evening

Many thanks for those who were able to attend our GCSE Option Information Evening on Thursday. I hope you found the evening useful and took away some useful ways you can help your son/daughter.

For those of you who were unable to make the event many of the resources from tonight can be found here.

Finally, Thursday was the first time we have tried an event like this. If you have any feedback about how we could improve the event then please do let me know. Likewise, if you would be willing to provide a 'quote' that we could use to promote similar events to future year groups then please do let me know.

Artist of the Week

Billie Young in Year 7 has created this very colourful and creative design inspired by our theme ‘Dia de Muertos’ (Day of the Dead).

Billie has used Mexican patterns and colours to inspire her design which celebrates the life of a past celebrity.

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