2 Feb 2018

Mr David Jeapes - Headteacher

I would like to remind all of our community that we have a number of members of staff which are available to support any parent or carer through any difficulties. Their help is free of charge and all support requests are treated in the strictest of confidence. Simply email them using one of the addresses below to access help:

For support with:

Email address

Special educational needs including in class support, dyslexia screening and adjustments for examinations;


Safeguarding issues at home or in school;


Behavioural issues at home or in school;


Attendance or punctuality issues;


Health and well-being including accessing the school’s nurse;


Careers guidance including college applications;


Applying for Free School Meals;


Service children and those in receipt of the ‘Pupil Premium Grant’


Anything else!


As ever, if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress then please do contact your child’s Head of House or Head of Phase via email:

JohnsonS@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk: Head of Victory House

Webb@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk: Head of Discovery House

Reid@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk: Acting Head of Intrepid House

Campbell@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk: Head of Endeavour House

StedmanM@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk: Head of Primary

BuckJ@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk: Head of Early Years (Year R classes)

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the support we offer pupils in Year 10 and 11 around careers advice and guidance. We have a dedicated school careers advisor who offers all pupils an initial interview with follow up as required. If your child is in Years 10 or 11 and remains uncertain as to their options post 16, then please email our careers advisor, Mrs. Julia Jennings on Jennings@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk to arrange a follow – up. A full list of college open days can be found here.

Miss Louise Hillier - Head of Senior

As this week draws to a close Year 11 have now completely finished their Mock examinations. A big well done to them for the very mature and positive attitude they demonstrated over the three weeks. Pupils will receive a complete set of results on Tuesday 27 February and a copy of them will be posted to parents that week.  

The Year 11 Option Information Evening on Thursday was very well received by all the parents who attended. The resources used can be found on the website, the article is below. Thank you to all parents who attended and also to all the staff who volunteered to run the sessions.

Year 8 and 9 Mayfields in Mathematics, English and Science have also finished and pupils will receive results by 9th March with a copy of them being sent home to parents shortly after that date.

The Year 8 Options process begins next week with the first two of a series of assemblies explaining the entire process to the pupils and then showcasing some of the subjects they have to select from. The form on which the choices are made will be available at the Year 8 Parents Evening on 22nd February. Bookings for that evening can be made on line here. Please contact reception if you are unable to use the booking system and want appointments to talk to your child’s teachers.

Next Tuesday, 6th February, we are running our first Able Pupil Conference for Years 7-10. Those pupils in Ignite will be invited to spend the day together. The programme looks very exciting and I am sure all our pupils will get a lot out of it. Any questions on this conference can be directed to Mrs Cleary on clearya@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk.

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 should now have received their Spring 1 ‘Prep’ projects and be working on them, ready to submit before half-term.  A copy of the projects can be found here. If your child is having difficulty with any aspect of the project, then they should contact their subject teacher. Contact details can be found here.

Mr Matt Stedman - Head of Primary

The highlight of our week was today’s Number Day in support of the NSPCC.  Thanks go to Miss Lewis, our Maths Lead, for organising a different challenge for each year group and the children had lots of fun on the various activities.  Thank you for generosity in sponsoring your child for their events.

We also have some very exciting activities planned for next week.  Year 2 are taking it in turns to go on their tour of Portsmouth as part of their ‘place we call home’ topic.  There is a different House going out in the minibus each day to see the main sites of our city.  Meanwhile Year 3 have their Roman Day on Tuesday when they can come into school dressed as a Roman.  Year 3 also have their topic trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace on Friday to round off their Roman topic.

I’m also really excited by the Prep hand-in day on Monday.  I’m always amazed by the creativity and thought that goes into the children’s Prep projects and I’m looking forward to having some children come along to my office for a Prep Reward Tea to celebrate their success.

I had the pleasure of awarding Bailey Ainsworth in Seals class with our first Gold Certificate for reaching 500 Achievement Points in Celebration Assembly last week.  This is fantastic achievement so early the school year – well done Bailey!  I know that there are many other children who are now close to their Silver and Gold awards so look out for these coming home in the bookbags in the weeks to come.

We have Parents Evenings on Tuesday 20th and Thursday 22nd February and the booking system for these evenings is now open.  The booking system for Spring 2 Extra-Curricular is also open until Monday 5th February.  Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Our Breakfast and Teatime Clubs have grown quickly this year and are proving to be a great success.  If you are having a tidy around at home, the Breakfast Club team would welcome the donation of any toys or books that your children have outgrown and no longer use.  Similarly, we always welcome the donation of any items of Mayfield uniform that no longer fits your child.  Please pass any donations to your child’s class teacher.

Finally, can I remind parents of the need to supervise their children carefully on the playgrounds before and after school.  We don’t have a lot of space in front of the Year 1 and 2 classrooms and there are often many pre-school younger brothers and sisters around at these times.  Please can your children, including older siblings, to be mindful of the health and safety of others.

Mrs I Edwards - Pre-School & Nursery

Our topic has now changed to ‘Chinese New Year Celebrations’. We will discover some interesting facts about the Chinese New Year looking at myths, legends, food, traditions and customs of the Chinese people during these celebrations.  This will help our children to learn about the Chinese culture and their beliefs.

Learning intentions linked to class subject:

  • Create Red paper decorations to hang in class for good luck; 
  • Initiate new combinations of movement and gesture in order to express and respond to
  • Feelings, ideas and experiences;
  • Select the tools and techniques they need to shape, assemble and join materials together.

Letter sound for the week 'Q' please continue to make a collage with your children to bring back into class on Thursday we do use these lovely creations at circle time to promote letter sounds with the children.

Could I ask for donations of Chinese food so we can take part in a food tasting activity…..thank you in advance.

News Items

Every Thursday in Tutor time pupils take part in a general knowledge/topical quiz. Pupils are placed into mixed year group teams of 4-5 and compete against the other teams in their tutor group.

Points have been added to the overall house cup competition which now stands at:


Poland Trip 2018 - Click here for more

The Holocaust was one of the worst atrocities ever committed by humankind.  6 million Jewish people lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis and over three million other minorities also perished in concentration camps like the one at Auschwitz.  Most GCSE History students study the Nazi period in depth, so this trip will help to understand the Holocaust and put the people, places and events into context.  
We also have a responsibility to ensure that the Holocaust is never forgotten so Mayfield School are going to visit Auschwitz and other sites to help ensure we remember the lessons learnt from the past.

GCSE Option Information Evening

Many thanks for those who were able to attend our GCSE Option Information Evening on Thursday. I hope you found the evening useful and took away some useful ways you can help your son/daughter.

For those of you who were unable to make the event many of the resources from tonight can be found here.

Finally, Thursday was the first time we have tried an event like this. If you have any feedback about how we could improve the event then please do let me know. Likewise, if you would be willing to provide a 'quote' that we could use to promote similar events to future year groups then please do let me know.

Artist of the Week

Emilia Loake and Ashliegh Langford in Year 9 are the textiles artists of the week!

They have designed and created this stunning dress all out of paper through a range of different paper manipulation techniques. They have produced this very quickly and the result is stunning! Well done. 

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