7 Jul 2017

Mr David Jeapes - Headteacher

I would like to start by encouraging as many people as possible to visit the ‘Friends of Mayfield’ Summer Fete which is taking place on Saturday 8th July between 12 and 3pm on the West Field. Whether you have a child at the school, or not, all are welcome. Every penny raised will go towards providing the extras our budget cannot meet. For instance:

  • Additional dressing up areas for Infants;
  • Bike racks for Juniors;
  • Radio Station for Seniors.

As is customary, we will be sending out a whole school posting at the end of this term. If you have recently changed your contact details, please do update them by sending an email to our SIMS Manager, Mrs. Helen Patis on patis@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk

Please be aware that on the last day of this term we will run an alternative timetable. Therefore, on:

Friday 21st July – pupils in ALL Years will be dismissed at 1.35pm. No extra-curricular.

Miss Louise Hillier - Head of Senior

Another week of school completed and we have now had a full run through of the school timetable. The pupils have responded well to their new year groups and the challenge of the work being given to them.

We had a Millionaires Reading Party on Tuesday for all the pupils who have logged reading at least a million words on Accelerated Reader. Well done to all of these pupils - it really was a great event, themed around “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

The Prom was lovely on Thursday night and as usual we had many parents turn up to watch the attendees arrive. Every year we also get a lot of the year below come along to watch and to get tips for next year! We will next see these pupils for their results day on 24th August.

Year 11 have had a different week with many taking part in PE BTEC immersion and field trips in both Geography and Leisure and Tourism.  They also had a special assembly on Friday afternoon to launch the Wilkie Scholarship. 11 now have two full weeks to settle down into their new timetables and focus on this important year.

Finally, pupils in Years 8 should now be working on their Summer 2 ‘Prep’ projects. Copies of the projects can be found here. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s tutor if you would like them to provide additional support for your child as they complete these projects. A full list of tutors can be found here.

Mr Matt Stedman - Head of Primary

I was delighted to welcome our new Year R children and parents for their classroom visits on Thursday.  Everyone seemed to settle well and have a good time and we will look forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday next week.

The booking system for next term’s Extra-Curricular programme is now open.  The clubs are being split next year with some for Year R and 1 and some for Year 2 and 3.  As ever, Mrs Guy and the team have put together a really wide ranging programme that should appeal to every taste.  Please make sure that you book early to avoid disappointment.  The booking system will close on Thursday 13th July and it will not be possible to accept late bookings.

We have had a tremendous response to the Summer School letters that went out earlier this week.  A copy of the letter can be found here.  We are limited to 90 places and the reply slips need to be returned to the class teacher by Monday 10th July.

We have also now confirmed the arrangements for Breakfast and Teatime Club from September onwards and these can be found here.  We are pleased to be able to offer parents a reduction on the prices that have been charged in the previous two years and we hope that many of you will continue to use this service next year.

Following a request from several parents, the Governing Body agreed a change to our uniform policy this week to allow children to keep wearing the summer uniform until the end of the Autumn 1 half-term.

Finally, our Year 3 children have been working tremendously hard on their end of Key Stage 1 Celebration performance of ‘Pirates vs Mermaids.’  They are going to a dress rehearsal in front of the rest of the Primary children on Wednesday before the two performances to parents on Thursday 13th July.  I have seen snippets of the rehearsals and it is going to be great – please make sure that you secure your tickets quickly before they run out!

Mrs I Edwards - Pre-School & Nursery

What a fantastic time your children had at the school sleep over. We had 34 children who spent the night and left the next morning after breakfast at 8am. I would like to thank my amazing team, who without their support I couldn’t offer such a great evening of fun and laughter also a huge thank you to you for allowing your children to sleep over with their teachers.

The topic until the end of term will be ‘Moving Up’. Through class discussion we will ask the children what they are most looking forward to in their new school. We shall put into place strategies to support those children who are finding the move difficult. In class we shall create a booklet about ‘Moving to Your New School’, and talk about the new teachers and all the exciting things they will be able to do when they move up.

Finally, a reminder: Teddy Bear picnic 21st July is the last day of term, please bring your children to this fund raising event and don’t forget your lunches which we can have on the field.

News Items

Mayfield Pupils Find Their Voice

In May this year a specially selected group of Year 10 pupils were chosen to attend an Oracy Workshop led by Talk the Talk instructors.
The idea behind the workshop was to help pupils develop better communication skills which will set them up for life.
The skills developed in the workshop will not only useful in English presentations but in answering questions in all subjects and in life outside school and throughout life.
Pupils participated in various activities developing voice, stance and posture to enable them to confidently do a two-minute talk on a topic of their choosing to their peer group. Something that is not an easy thing to do.
It was felt that the mostly quiet and shy students were engaged all day and made some very good progress with some excellent speeches. Moreover, the students seemed to recognise that personal achievement. – Mark Farmer, Schools Liaison Director, Talk the Talk.
Overall, most pupils felt that they had improved their Oracy skills and that it would benefit them in many aspects of their life. All involved in the running of the day were very proud of how the pupils stepped up to the challenge and succeeded. It was a fun day learning new life long skills and we look forward to continuing that development over the coming years.

Year 9 Rounders Team

Earlier this week the Year 9 girls rounders team competed in a city wide tournament against a number of different schools. During this tournament we played against 4 different schools losing only in our final game against Ryde High. We played well throughout showing both strong batting and fielding skills and were proud of our performances by the end of the games. Overall all of us enjoyed ourselves while playing many successful games of rounders. We were encouraged by each other as well as the staff around us and this pushed us to play well. Thanks to Mrs Bradshaw we were prepared and had a very good time.

Why We Love To Read

Pupils and teachers from various year groups contributed to the Library Display in which they took a pink post-it and wrote some of the reasons they enjoyed reading.

A big thank you to all of those who contributed! 

Some of the reading quotes posted include:

‘I love reading because it makes you forget about your senses in the real world and is a form of escapism. There are loads of different and magical worlds that you can get stuck in with a good book.’ 

‘Reading takes me to another place.’

‘I love reading as it helps me slip away and makes me feel safe and like I can do anything.’

‘Because I get to have a new adventure every day!’

Artist of the Week

Kara Cross is the Artist of the week!

Creating a brilliant pencil study in detail and proportion, Kara has demonstrated a great artistic ability for the start of year 11 food project. Kara has Considered typography, scale and contrast within this drawing.

Sunbeam Sleepover

Wow what a fantastic time we had at the school sleep over. We had 34 children who stayed with us for the night and left  reluctantly at 8am after breakfast. We played out in the dark, had a disco, and two screens to watch movies on and we ate lots of popcorn and crisps.

I would like to thank my amazing team who without their support I couldn’t offer such a great evening filled with fun and laughter. Also a big thank you to you for allowing the children to sleep over with their teachers.

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