26 May 2017

Mr David Jeapes - Headteacher

This is the final ‘Mayfield Messenger’ for this half term with the next edition published on Friday 9th June. Over the half term break, I am very pleased to confirm that our staff have committed to offering a range of revision opportunities for pupils in Year 11. A copy of the revision programme can be found here.

Over the holiday, all parents and carers will receive a copy of the whole school posting. A copy of my letter can be found here. Following the success of the Christmas Raffle, The Friends of Mayfield are running a Summer Raffle. In the whole school posting, they have arranged for £10 worth of raffle tickets to be included. We would be very grateful if you would consider buying some or all of these. The school will match fund any money raised! Also, the class or tutor which sells the most tickets will be awarded a prize!! Please return any studs, cash and unsold tickets in the envelop provided. THANK YOU!

With the start of the new academic year, many of you may be thinking about replacing items of school uniform. Please be aware that the ‘Friends of Mayfield’ are collecting good quality, clean items of uniform to sell on as part of their fund raising drive. If you have any items of uniform you no longer need, then please do consider sending them in to the Main Reception clearly marked “FOM”. Many thanks.

* School closed for staff training: Tuesday 20th June 2017 *

Miss Louise Hillier - Head of Senior

As we end a short, but busy, half-term I would like to thank all the parents who support the school by sending their child to school each day in full uniform. We have, however, got a number of pupils who are not following our uniform policy, details of which can be found here. In particular, please can you ensure that your child has only one earring per ear, in the lobe, and that nails are natural and a pale, neutral colour. In addition, shoes must be black and “polishable” and trousers should be tailored. Pupils are required to wear their blazer in school, as well as on the way to and from school where they represent our school in the local community.

As the weather gets warmer I would like to encourage all pupils to bring a water bottle to school which they can fill during breaks and lunchtimes from the water dispensers. Keeping hydrated is so important. If the weather becomes extremely warm, we will run our “Hot Weather Protocol”. We will alert parents with a notice on the website if we are using our “Hot Weather Protocol”.

Year 11 have now reached the half-way point of the GCSE period but it is important they keep themselves revising in order to maximise success in every exam. They have their Prom to look forward to on Thursday 6th July and their Leavers Assembly on Tuesday 20th June. Both of these are important rites of passage for Year 11 and every year are really lovely opportunities for us to say goodbye. A reminder to the rest of the school that Tuesday 20th June is an INSET day so the school is closed to all pupils-just Year 11 will come in for their assembly.

Only Year 7 have Prep set for next half-term. A copy of the activities is included in the whole school posting and is available on the website here. It will be due in to their new teachers once the timetable changes at the end of the Summer term.

Mr Matt Stedman - Head of Primary

Congratulations to Year 2 on completing their Key Stage 1 SATs papers over the last fortnight.  These tests are challenging, but the children have been resourceful and resilient and everyone has tried their absolute best.  The papers are now going to be marked by the class teachers and stored securely in the school.  The results of the SATs feed into the End of Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessment which needs to be moderated with other schools before they are reported to parents in July.

Congratulations also go to Year 1 and Year R for their fantastic Prep projects this half-term.  The Year 1 gardens and Year R farm models are so creative and have helped to brighten the classrooms this week - it is clear that the families have really enjoyed working together on these projects.  The projects for Summer 2 will be sent home in the children’s book bags after the half-term holidays.

We have also welcomed some new teachers this week as we prepare for the new academic year.  The class teachers for next year are going to be:

  • Year R – Miss Beech (Seahorses) and Mrs Moore/Mrs Buck (Jellyfish)
  • Year 1 – Mrs Guy (Octopus) and Miss Hatton (Turtles)
  • Year 2 – Mrs Hall/Mrs Sheppard (Dolphins) and Miss Turner (Seals)
  • Year 3 – Miss Lewis (Amazon) and Dr Hallett (Nile)
  • Miss Hopkinson is still on her maternity leave and will be returning to the school in 2018

The booking system for Summer 2 Extra-Curricular is now closed.  You should have received a confirmation email for any sessions that you have booked your child into.

I have arranged for our catering provider ISS to come in on the first Wednesday after half-term to show parents how they can access the website to order and pay for school meals from September 2017.  There will be a talk from George Thatcher (ISS Catering Manager) and an opportunity for you to create your online account at 3.30pm in the Dolphins classroom.  This will be repeated at 4.30pm for parents who are picking up from extra-curricular.

Mrs I Edwards - Pre-School & Nursery

Please could you remember to take home PE kits over the half term. We still seem to be having problems with school uniform. Could you clearly label every item of uniform to prevent these from getting lost or taken home by the wrong child.

Our new topic after the break will be ‘Dinosaurs’. We will be looking at the different varieties of dinosaurs, their characteristics and eating habits.

Learning intentions linked to class subject:

  • Classify and sort dinosaurs by size and eating habits;
  • Create props for dinosaur role play using a variety of media and techniques;
  • Create a dinosaur Skelton for class display.

Letter sounds for the week are ‘K’ and ‘L’. Please keep creating a collage and bring it back into class, so we can share these at circle time to promote letter sounds.

Finally, a reminder if you would like to come into class and take part in a session or on a regular basis, please give your details into the office.

Have a lovely break see you all after the half term!

News Items

Year 7 IGNITE Trip to Southampton University

As part of our partnership with the University of Southampton ‘Learn with U.S.’ scheme, Mr Jackson and Miss Eveleigh escorted twenty-four Year 7 students to the main University of Southampton campus site. The group was composed of a mixture of Year 7 IGNITErs and ‘nearly IGNITErs’.

As part of the scheme, this was our Year 7 students’ turn to be driven to Southampton in a coach (paid for by the University), and then be met and looked after by University Ambassadors, who were both undergraduates and postgraduate students. After an introductory presentation, the Ambassadors ten led the students on a tour around the campus, summarising the tour with various games that helped the students consolidate the information they had learned.

These are a few of the write-ups from students who participated:

Today we went to the University of Southampton. There were lots of different buildings around the campus site. It gave me a different view on uni and whether I would like to go. It is very different to senior school. I would like to go when I can. There are lots of courses that you can chose to study and clubs to go to. It seems a very friendly environment. I think that managing money will be the hardest as unless you find a way to gain money, it is very hard to manage.” Katie, E1.

Today at Southampton University we had a tour of the campus and all the different buildings they use to work and study in. We also learnt all about the different courses you can take when you go there. There were 250 different course you could take! We learnt all about the different clubs you can join while you had free time and weren’t studying. The thing I enjoyed the most was the campus tour as it was very interesting to see what the university was like and to see how it was set up. Overall I thought that the trip was very good.” Olivia, E3.

Today I went to the University of Southampton and had a great time I learnt a lot on the trip and it has persuaded me to go to university in the future. I am now thinking about what I want to do because I learnt a lot about the university. The Ambassadors helped me today and I learnt a lot about the university.” Isaac, D7.

Our students were impeccably behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the trip, learning a lot of information about not only university courses, but also the day-to-day life and buildings and departments that students encounter whilst studying at university.

Year 9 STEM BIG BANG Winners Receive Their Amazing Prize!

Mrs Ruth Thompsett, a Stakeholder and Community Relations Manager, based at Woolston, and employed by 4DWoolston and COSTAIN, made the long journey from Basingstoke today to present three of our Year 9 students with the prize they won at the recent Big Bang STEM Event.

As previously reported, Freddie, Evan, and Theo won the ‘4DWoolston/COSTAIN Lego Bridge Building Challenge’. The challenge the boys won involved three tasks:

  1. Design a bridge using a range of materials, but each material used having a ‘cost’
  2. Build their bridge
  3. Test their design by placing masses upon the centre of the bridge, testing it until destruction.

Not only did the boys create a cheaper design, but their bridge also held the greatest mass before it collapsed! As winners, the three boys were each today presented with the amazing prize of an Amazon Kindle Tablet, this presented by Mrs Thompsett.

After a photo-presentation in the sunshine with Theo, Freddie, Evan and Ms Hillier, Mrs Thompsett then had a tour of our school, discussing potential careers and education pathways with our winners.

Mayfield is very grateful to 4D Woolston and COSTAIN for their very generous prizes, and to Mrs Thompsett for giving up part of her busy work schedule to come in to Mayfield and present the prizes to the boys.

Artist of the Week

Emily Goodden has completed her GCSE Art exam based on the theme details. Emily has created some stunning observational drawings and paintings to complement her research and development.

Every page in Emily’s book is packed with thorough research and stunning imagery. Well done!

Posted by Billy Woodhead

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