12 May 2017

Mr David Jeapes - Headteacher

We are currently busy preparing our whole school posting for the Summer 1 half term. If you have recently changed your contact details then please do alert us by sending an email to our SIMS Manager, Mrs. Helen Patis on Patis@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk

Please be aware that we have a team of staff ready to support parents, carers and pupils in a wide variety of ways. To request help, free of charge, please email the relevant person from this list.

To help our families plan their time, we have produced an extract of the school calendar containing all of the keys dates for Summer 1. This can be downloaded here

Miss Louise Hillier - Head of Senior

The school is very focussed on exams at this time with a significant number of Mayfields taking place for Years 7 to 10. The written GCSE formal exams for Year 11 begin next week and it is vital that all pupils attend the exams they are entered for. If you have any questions about exam entries please contact Mrs H Patis on patis@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk. The timetable for the GCSE exams can be found here. As a school, we are offering a number of revision classes over the half-term holiday. A timetable of the sessions on offer can be found here. Please encourage your child to sign up for sessions and then, more importantly, come in on the right day, at the right time. If you have any questions about the revision programme, please contact Mr Gibson on gibsonr@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk.

As is now customary at Mayfield, academic promotion will take place in June and this year this will be on Wednesday 21st June. This means all pupils will move up a year group on that day. Significantly, Year 10 moving into Year 11 will need to change their ties. Year 11 ties can be purchased from school for £5 or from our uniform supplier, Penelope Anne. Pupils who have been made prefects will be issued with their coveted red prefect ties during our moving on assembly on Wednesday 21st June.

With the warmer weather approaching, I would like to remind you that pupils are advised to bring a drinks bottle to school every day. Water and free juice is available at both break and lunch times. Please note that pupils may not bring in ‘fizzy’ drinks including Lucozade. During periods of extreme heat, we will activate a ‘hot weather’ protocol – details will be published on our website.

Pupils are reminded that if they wish to make use of our bike sheds, then they must be wearing a bicycle helmet and have working front and rear lights. We will not allow pupils to use our facilities unless they observe these basic safety requirements.

Finally, a reminder to Year 7 and 8 pupils that they have Prep due in before half-term. The details of all the projects can be found here.

Mr Matt Stedman - Head of Primary

We have had a really exciting week with our visiting ducklings.  The eggs have been based in the Jellyfish classroom and they hatched overnight on Wednesday.  We are now learning about what the ducklings need to survive such as food, water and a daily swim.  Year 1 have also had the excitement of their trip to the Harold Hillier Garden Centre at Romsey today. 

We are currently launching a new Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) service to children and their families.  Miss Lester has been trained as an ELSA and is able to support children with learning to manage their emotions.  Topics that Miss Lester can cover include friendship issues, coping with bereavement or anxiety, relaxation techniques, anger management and low self-esteem.  Please contact Miss Lester on LesterE@mayfield.portsmouth.sch.uk if you are interested in finding out more about this service and how it can help your child.

I’m very proud of how smart our children look in their uniform, however, we are always striving to keep our standards high.  Please can you ensure that your child comes to school in their blazer with their House badge for Year 1 and 2.  Can I also remind parents that school shoes need to be black and polishable and that boots are not allowed.  The full uniform regulations can be found on our website or via this link.

From Wednesday May 17th, we have a traveling Book Fayre visiting us.  This will be set up in the Junior classrooms and will be open after school every day with books for all year groups and abilities.  Please come along and see the books that you can buy to support reading at home.

This is a short half-term and the Prep projects for Summer 1 are due to be handed in on Monday 22nd May.  Every half-term, I invite a group of children from each class to come to a Reward Tea with me to show me their Prep project and talk to me about what they have done.  I have always been so impressed with creativity and hours of hard work that goes into the Prep projects and I’m looking forward to seeing this half-term’s projects in the final week of the half-term

As is the case with the seniors, the infant children will move up into their new year groups and classrooms when the new academic year starts on Wednesday 21st June.  We are already beginning to do some activities to prepare the children and to move on and up a year. Parents will be sent a letter in the first week back after the May half-term holidays to inform them of their child’s class and teacher for next year.

Mrs I Edwards - Pre-School & Nursery

The class topic will continue with mini beasts. The children will use the information they gathered previously about what habitats the different bugs live in, and use this to design a habitat for their chosen bug using a variety of materials.  

Learning intentions linked to class topic:

  • Generate ideas from their own experiences;
  • Communicate ideas using a variety of methods including drawing and models;
  • Select tools and techniques experimenting with colour, texture and design.

Letter sounds for the week ‘G’ and ‘H’. Please keep creating collages for display so we can use these at circle time to promote phonic sounds.

Finally, please could I remind parents, to leave your children’s PE kit in school these will be sent home at half term for you to wash.

News Items

STEM Big Bang Fair Win

Mr Jackson led twenty-four of our Year 9 students to the STEM Big Bang Fair at the Ageas Bowl, and we have just heard that some of the students are now competition winners!

NATS (the ‘National Air Traffic Services’, who guide aeroplanes through UK air space), ran a competition where the challenge was to plug in leads to make runway lights light up, the lights only working when the leads were plugged in in the correct sequence. I am pleased to announce that Helena completed the challenge in a very fast time of 10.62s, easily beating the person in second place by nearly 10 seconds! To recognise this achievement, NATS will be presenting Helena with a £25 Amazon voucher.

COSTAIN, the construction company, ran a ‘LEGO Bridge Building challenge’. I am pleased to announce that Theo, Evan, and Freddie came 1st place in the competition rankings! Participants had to choose LEGO pieces to construct a bridge that spanned a given gap, then hold a mass upon it before the bridge collapsed. Each LEGO piece had a cost, so the cost and the mass taken determined competition placings. Our boys overall build cost was £3130 and the bridge carried a load of 33 washers, giving an excellent profit of £2170. In comparison, we beat another local secondary school who came second, and their bridge cost £2620, only carried a 25 washer load and only made £1880 profit, so we easily won! COSTAIN are very kindly going to present each of the three winners with the amazing prize of an Amazon Kindle Tablet each!

Keep watching this space for details of the presentations.

Artist of the Week

Olivia Marshall in Year 8 has created a fantastic tonal study. This project is based on close ups of musical instruments. Olivia has created a wide range of tone and detail within her drawing. Well done!

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