Parents Give Mayfield “Good” Rating

We were grateful that many parents took the time to complete the 2014 parental survey.

The headlines from this survey were:

  1. Parents are  happier with the education provided Mayfield compared to the previous surveys in 2010 and 2012.
  2. There have been significant improvements in parental satisfaction with school facilities, school discipline, control of truancy, levels of homework and teaching quality.
  3. Dance, English, Mathematics and Resistant Materials were the most highly rated subjects.
  4. 91% of respondents would recommend Mayfield to another parent.
  5. Respondents rated the overall effectiveness of Mayfield to be “Good”.
  6. The areas that needed most improvement were Careers Advice and Social Health Education.

In response to the survey, we looking at how we can develop the Careers Week further and we have entered detailed talks with our catering contractor about improving the quality and pricing of food in the school canteens.  Furthermore, we have launched a number of initiatives that focus on addressing bullying in school and making sure that students know where they can find help and support if they are victims of bullying.

A PDF summarising the responses to this survey and how these compare to the previous surveys is now available following the download link below.

Parent Survey Responses 2010-2014

The next Parent Survey is scheduled to take place in November 2015.  Parents can log into the Ofsted Parent View website at any stage to give fedback on the school's performance.

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