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For any more additional information please contact Careers Leader here at [email protected] 


Our aim is to ensure that all pupils here at Mayfield leave Year 11 with the knowledge and skills to allow them to continue with Education and Training in their preferred areas of interest, talent or aspiration.

We have a stable Careers programme which is supported by a programme of impartial ‘Careers Information, Advice and Guidance’ which is delivered by EBP South. The careers programme starts in Year 7 and runs through to the time when results have been published and final decisions have been made; in some cases, extra support is available throughout the Summer break at the end of year 11, for those still unsure of which direction to take.

Pupils develop action plans and are helped with anything from college and apprenticeship applications, Armed Force's aspirations and much more.  Some pupils are offered extended work placements and/or college courses when this is deemed appropriate.

Local colleges and businesses come in to deliver assemblies to Year 11 and also whole school assemblies. We are in the process of forging a collaborative relationship with BAE and AIRBUS both are large local employers. The University of Portsmouth continues to offer us support each year with a diverse range of events for all year groups. We also work with the Southern University Network (SUN) to provide a range of career-focused activities with Year 9 -11.

Year 8 and 9 pupils have workshops in order to help them make informed choices about which options they should choose. Further Year 9 pupils experience a ‘Speed Networking’ session where they get to interact with a variety of local employers. Year 10 pupils have a Careers related day and then after experience a 1-2-1 mock interview where we are given valuable feedback.

Our curriculum allows pupils to use many work-related skills in lesson times; for example, group work, presenting skills, problem-solving, leadership and managing deadlines. There are also specific careers related topics built in the PSHE and CPR curriculum. We also offer a dedicated week each term to careers within our pastoral system giving pupils the chance to talk with their tutor about different career paths and destination and seek further advice.

At Mayfield, we also have an assigned Enterprise Advisor to help ensure we make good links with current Labour Market information and network with local employers and build the skills these employers are looking for in our pupils. Our Enterprise Advisor is called Lester Biddle FIH. Please see a sub-section below with more information.









Mayfield School Statement on Provider Access


At Mayfield, we pride ourselves on our achievements in enterprise and in the opportunities provided.

Successes include our ‘Fiver Challenge’ for year four. In this annual event Year 4 create businesses and sell their products/services to the public, based on a £5 investment per business. In 2019, Year 4 made a profit of £111.43 of which the students decided which charities the profits would go to. We also had the 2018 Faith and Football Champions whom won a trip to INDIA as part of their success and our 2019 teams will compete for the Final at Mercedes Benz World to pitch their business.

Enterprise is growing at Mayfield, don’t miss out!


When researching the parents/guardians of students that have taken part in Enterprise they said the following:

Would you recommend Enterprise at Mayfield to a friend? Average score of 9 out of 10


How satisfied are you with your child’s experience in Enterprise at Mayfield? Average score of 9 out of 10


What has been the main benefit Enterprise has had on your child?


“Sydney had a great experience. Everyone involved, teachers, students etc were brilliant. This would be a great experience for future students.”


“Because of Lilly’s involvement in Enterprise, she has grown in confidence. Having the opportunity to experience the wider world of business. She has also become more resilient and determined in all she does. She really grew because of the people she met and friendships made.”






We have lots of information, advice and guidance in the section below. We are always welcome to any feedback from any careers and enterprise events so please do contact us on the emails listed below:

Careers Advisor: Mrs Kelly Chinorwadza in Room 122a (Wednesday and Thursday)

Email: [email protected]

Or Mrs Denford in Room 140

Email: [email protected] or call 02392693432.

Enterprise Co-ordinator: Mr Bachelor in Room 138

Email: [email protected]

Each half term we will be running a tutor time drop-in session for careers. You will need to attend during your break session.

This will give you the chance to look over your CV, application or ask any questions or book a 1-2-1 meeting with Kelly.


Autumn 2: Wednesday 4th December 2019 Lunchtime 140 Careers Drop-in Session - Enterprise Advisor will be attending


Autumn 2: Thursday 12th December 2019 Tutor time drop in for Careers Support (Key for Year 11) - Careers Advisor will be present to booking 1-2-1 meetings.

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