Our learning across all subjects is underpinned by our Learning Superpowers. These are the values, skills and qualities that will help our children to succeed as they move through the school. We celebrate our children's development of these values, skills and qualities through the award of Learning Superpower Certificates at our weekly Celebration Assembly on a Friday. Look out for these certificates coming home in your child's bookbag.

We want our children to be:

Learning Superpowers


Resilient learners never give up. They draw on their self-belief and are always determined to overcome challenges and difficulties.


Resourceful learners are always looking for new ways of doing things. They are creative and want to try new approaches to get the work done.


Respectful learners are always polite and kind to others. They think about the other children and help the class to learn together.


Responsible learners think about themselves and others. They always ask to help others and work well as a member of a group.


Ready learners are always well prepared and enthusiastic. They are well motivated and are able to set their own learning goals.


Reflective learners are keen to ask questions. They look for patterns and make connections between the different things that they have learnt.