Information for Parents - Primary



Pupils should take pride in their uniform and look smart at all times, including when walking to and from school. Shirts must be tucked in and ties properly in place. Parents who accept a place at Mayfield School agree that their children will follow the school uniform requirements.

Compulsory uniform items which must be purchased from the school supplier:

  • Black blazer with logo;

  • Mayfield tie;

  • Book Bag (Primary section only);

  • PE Bag (Primary section only);

  • Long / short sleeve quartered polo in ‘House’ colour with logo (name initialling available from supplier);

  • PE Socks.

Compulsory uniform items available from the high street:

  • White short / long sleeve shirt with a collar;

  • Black tailored trousers;

  • Black “polishable” shoes with a low heel. Shoes must be completely black and devoid of branding/logos;

  • Black socks for boys;

  • White socks for girls (long white socks for girls wearing a skirt);

  • Black or natural tights for girls;

  • PE kit: Sports trainers; Royal Blue shorts or Navy / black tracksuit bottoms.

Optional uniform items which must be purchased from school supplier:

  • Black v-neck jumper or black v-neck cardigan with school logo;

  • Black plain school skirt with school logo;

  • Summer hat (primary section only);

  • Black shorts for boys and summer dress for girls (Summer 1 and 2 and Autumn 1 half-terms, Primary section only).

School Supplier

Penelope Ann

34 - 36 Tangier Road

Tel: 02392 66 61 42

Monday to Friday 9.15am to 5.30pm

Saturday 9.15am to 5.00pm

Closed Wednesday (November to February)



Uniform rules

  • Blazers must be worn every day to and from school and in and around the school building;

  • On formal occasions and when representing the school at off-site events, trips and visits blazers must normally be worn. If it is not appropriate for a blazer or other items of uniform to be worn, the member of staff organising the trip will inform you in writing;

  • During periods of extreme heat, we have a “Hot Weather Protocol” details of which will be posted on the school’s website;

  • Pupils have a choice to wear either a cardigan or the v-neck jumper (with the school logo) or none at all;

  • Girls can wear either skirts or trousers;

  • If girls wear a skirt then they must wear either long white socks or black/natural coloured tights;

  • Jeans, tracksuit bottoms, leggings, skinny jeans/trousers, shorts (except for Infants and Juniors in the summer), cut-off trousers or anything other than tailored trousers are not classed as appropriate trousers for school wear;

  • Hair bands are to be in blue or black and should be of a reasonable size. Jumbo JoJo bows are not permitted.

  • Sandals, canvas/material shoes or boots of any kind are not acceptable;

  • Trainers may only be worn in PE or Dance;

  • PE kit must be worn to all PE lessons;

  • During the Summer 1 and 2 and Autumn 1 half-terms, primary pupils may wear shorts or a summer dress (girls);

  • Infant pupils will be issued, free of charge, with a ‘tabard’ for lunch and art or craft sessions.


Pupils with incorrect uniform or incomplete equipment

Parents / carers should provide a dated note for their son/daughter to bring to school to explain why any item of uniform is not worn due to reasons beyond their control. The school will endeavour to issue a temporary replacement item from our second hand stock which must be returned in good condition at the end of the school day.