House Points

In May 2013, Mayfield School launched its new vertical house system to staff and pupils.

Tutor groups are now made up of pupils from years 7-11.

The house system is designed to embrace the family ethos that Mayfield School is striving to achieve. Students are organised into vertical tutor groups, featuring a mix of different year groups in order to provide role models and a 'family' feel that will enable students to understand what is expected of them in every year of the school.

Tutors are the first point of call for students and parents, and their Head of House is responsible for students' pastoral care throughout the school.

As part of the new structure, a split morning break has been introduced. Pupils from Intrepid and Endeavour have their morning breaks first, followed by tutor time. Pupils from Discovery and Victory go to tutor time first, followed by their morning break.

Throughout the year we run a variety of inter-house competitions.

If you have any queries or feedback about the new house system please contact the relevant Head of House on one of the email addresses provided below.



Discovery continues to work hard supporting various Charities. This has included Portsmouth Food bank and the RNLI. Currently we have raised over £2580 since the House system launch. Students are also very active with Friends of Mayfield and support them with running stalls at the Christmas and Summer Fetes.

2016 – 17 has also seen our numbers swell with the welcome arrival of Year 1 and 2 members to the House.

After coming second in the House Cup competition last year we plan on winning this year.

Discovery students delivering boxes to the food bank which we plan on doing again this year.

The House team plan to work with you in ensuring that your time at Mayfield is one about DISCOVERY.

Not just in: Learning for Life; Learning about Self; Learning about others;

But discovering the fun side of learning, competing and winning!

Discovery is about supporting each other in our journey through school and ensuring that we all appreciate that there are no limits to our ambitions.

Head of House:

Miss Webb

Assistant Head attached to Discovery:

Mrs Anders

Tutor Team:


Mr Woodham


Ms Bunting


Ms Rich


Mr Batchelor


Mrs Waterfield


Mrs Fairley


Mr Reeve


Mrs Rogers (Miss Jones)


Miss Chapman


Mrs Stedman / Mrs Read

The House team plan to work with you in ensuring that your time at Mayfield is one about DISCOVERY.

Not just in: Learning for Life; Learning about Self; Learning about others;

But discovering the fun side of learning, competing and winning!

Discovery is about supporting each other in our journey through

Endeavour is defined as an earnest and conscientious activity (especially one that requires effort or boldness) intended to accomplish something.

This simple definition eloquently sums up my expectations of Endeavour house and all its members.

Endeavour isn’t just a word; it is a tradition, a tradition of doing great things. A tradition marked by the boldness and effort of Captain James Cook during his voyages in the bark Endeavour in the 18th Century and also the journeys of the American space shuttle Endeavour, in the 20th Century, named by students just like you.

So the adventure is also before us, as we take part and have fun in all the competitions and activities to come. We will show that we will make the effort to succeed.

Our Expectation is that in our journey through Mayfield we will Never say never, we will all show Determination to succeed and will Encourage one another to reach our Ambition, everyone will be Valued we will all be Open and United in showing our Respect to everyone.

We have ‘adopted’ the frog as a symbol for our house, along with the motto ‘remember the frog’.

Members of Endeavour House will be able explain the significance of the frog……

House Prizes for Achievement

It is that lovely time of the term again, during which we celebrate the achievements of Endeavour House students. The winner of the £20.00 gift voucher, awarded for the student who gained the highest number of achievement points over the previous half term was again Helen Gallagher. Another excellent half term for Helen. The tutor group that achieved the highest number of achievement points was Endeavour 3, thanks in part to Helen’s good work. We were also lucky enough to be given some complimentary tickets for a ‘teen night’ at playzone. The recipients of these tickets, which admit two people to the evening, were drawn from a hat. Eligible pupils were those who have maintained 100% attendance since the start of the academic year and have not received any behaviour points. The students who won those tickets were Hannah Willmett, Lara Saunders & Paris Saunders. We hope they have a lovely time when they go.

Congratulations to all our ‘winners’ and to all the students who work hard and over the past half term.

"To reach a port we must set sail - 

Sail, not tie at anchor

Sail, not drift."

Welcome to Intrepid House!

Your Head of House is Mrs Jessica Campbell.

Intrepid House has five main aims for students to follow:

  • Develop a growing sense of responsibility for one's own actions;
  • Show commitment to the well-being of others in the wider community;
  • Choose gnerosity rather than selfishness and reject unkindness, cruelty and bullying;
  • Be honest and develop personal integrity;
  • Have an understanding and awareness of what supports happiness and well-being.

As Heads of House, we wish you to be ambitious, happy and successful.  As part of Intrepid House these can be achieved by following the five main aims.

If we want to sail away on the boat Intrepid, we should not put down our anchor and we must not drift; instead we must aim high and reach our port!

"Our only limitation is our ambition."

The Heads of House are here to support you and in order to be successful and happy we must all support Intrepid House.  Have pride in bein part of such a fantastic community and house!

Intrepid will be the most ambitious, happy and successful house - play your part!

House Prizes for Achievement

Ollie has shown great tenacity and drive this term to achieve his goals.

He has worked exceptionally hard and has been rewarded with a fantastic number of achievement points.

Ollie has 99% Attendance and is a great ambassador for the school. He is an outstanding House Captain, always willing to help.

Alongside doing fantastically well with his academic achievements Ollie is representing the school in Rock Challenge and also playing a main part in this years School production "Into the Woods" - Well done Ollie.

Welcome to Victory House

Your Head of House is Mrs S Johnson.

In Victory house we are fully committed to the personal and social development of all of the pupils in our house. Pupils will only achieve their best when they are happy at school.  Every member of our Victory family will be treated with dignity and respect and their voices will be heard.

Our main aims for the pupils in Victory house are

  • Be happy and enjoy school;
  • Be positive about their own gifts and abilities;
  • All pupils to maximize their own potential;
  • Pupils to develop the confidence to take risks;
  • All members of Victory to work together and support each other;
  • Become responsible citizens.

Victory=Success in a struggle against difficulties or an obstacle.

We want all members of Victory house to make their time at Mayfield School a success and become Victorious.


“Our only limitation is our ambition”

House Prizes for Achievement

Emma Hellyer - I am pleased to see Emma, a year 11 pupil winning this award. She is an excellent student who always tries her best in all her lessons and shows great drive and determination. I wish Emma all the best in her last few months at Mayfield, and hope that her hard work pays off in her upcoming exams. Well done Emma.

Highest avenge conduct point by tutor group- winners V5 Well done to V5 who have shown a great team effort to win this award. Each member of the tutor group has played a part in ensuring that they are successful. Well done V5!